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I’m always on the hunt for new music. I’m a music addict, that’s what we do. My ears are always open for a new tune that worms its way into my heart and my numerous playlists. So when I fell down the K-Drama rabbit hole, the soundtrack (OST) certainly made the journey much smoother.

I don’t have any rules from this one, however, I am pulling songs from the OST and songs that were only used during the dramas. With that said, this playlist is some of my favorite OST tracks.

Rush — Every Single Day

Gap-Dong centered around a group of individuals searching for the infamous serial killer “Gapdongi”. The original killer went missing after his 13th murder, 20 years before the start of the drama and right when a copycat has emerged. All of them have different motivations and different encounters with the original. The dark, atmospheric music has a driving force that perfectly encapsulates the cat and mouse nature of the show. The band, Every Single Day, also did the theme for Pasta, one of my all-time favorite dramas.

Jo Jung Hee — Now and Forever

You ever hear a song and from the first 15 seconds, you immediately know you have to own it? Yeah, this is it for me. Jo Jung Hee‘s voice has the husky, mature voice of a torch singer and just sells the flirty nature of the lyrics. In a drama discussing the hardships of romance, she makes it sounds so effortless. It’s like a siren’s call. “Let’s fall in love, why shouldn’t we fall in love?” Seductive and playful from start to finish. 

Kim Ji Soo & Jo Moon Geun — First Love

I nearly didn’t add this to the list because it’s not on the Monstar OST and it makes me frustrated whenever I hear it! Nonetheless, this led me to the original Busker Busker song and I’m eternally grateful. This stripped-down version makes the original song sound bombastic which is also fitting. The song is about a person’s first love and this performance showcases a quiet but relentless take on the experience.

Clazziquai — She Is

Listen, I think we all know that I had to add this one. Ugh, where do I start with this one? I remember watching My Lovely Sam-Soon and just screaming “THIS MY SONG, Y’ALL” whenever this played. I’ve seen it parodied, I’ve obsessed over it for years and I’m still in love with it. I don’t say this often but it’s perfect.

Okdal — 옥상달빛

I started watched K-Dramas in July 2012 with Pasta. I’ve always loved the playful, almost whimsical melody of the song but could never find it. I searched the OST but I only found Jung Ah‘s You’re So Cute. Fast forward 6 years. I’m on my millionth rewatch of Pasta and happen to see a comment with the song title in it! It took me about an hour to dins it after that because the song title is “Rooftop Moonlight”. The band nickname? “Okdal”, which translates “Rooftop Moonlight”! Nonetheless, I found it and it never fails to make me happy.

Jay Park — Happy Ending

I very nearly didn’t add this to the list. I wrestled with what songs to add but I just had to add this on here. It is so sugary pop and completely different than most songs from Jay Park’s discography. And yet, this song just makes me so happy! It’s impossible for me not to dance or smile whenever I hear it. I can’t name many songs that make me as genuinely happy as “Happy Endings” does.

These are hardly all of the great OST songs so comment with some of your favorites!

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