MACG Playlist: Don’t Worry, Be Happy


I’m the type of person who hates being restless. It’s like this ball of energy that has to go somewhere or it’ll just fry me from the inside out. Whenever I get like this, I just have to crank up my music. But not to just anything. I need something lively, something that makes me move and get out of my head. I have to hear something other than the noise. Something … happy. You ‘d be surprised how much changing what you listen to helps change your mood.

That might seem a bit shallow or ridiculous to some, but it helps me remember three things:

  1. My worrying won’t change anything
  2. My constant scrolling, updating, and monitoring won’t change anything
  3. Sometimes, you just have to dance it out.

So here are some songs from my Happy Dance playlist. I hope it helps.

Urban Zakapa — Get

Consider this our warm up track. Urban Zakapa are amazing vocalists, and I love how they sing this. Even if you can’t understand the language, you feel this warmth and care throughout the song. It’s like they’re your uncles and aunts giving you advice. The song hits even harder when Beenzino chimes in (in English), “You gotta love yourself more than anything.”

But instead of lecturing you, “Get” feels joyous and encouraging. It’s a small gift that you carry with you on your journey. “Go get if you wanna.”

NCT’s Mark and EXO’s Xiumin — Young & Free

I wasn’t sure how these two would work together. But they absolutely went beyond by expectations. I loved “Young & Free” the moment I heard it.

This song reminds me of old musicals like “Hello Dolly” and “Singin’ in the Rain.” It’s the song our leads sing as they prepare for their first big steps into the world. But instead of just watching them, Mark and Xiumin sound like two friends, inviting you to make your big step. It’s playful but encouraging, fun and calming.

gugudan — Rainbow

This is so bubblegum pop, you can practically taste it. And I love it. I don’t even like songs like this, but there’s something about this one. Is it the pure joy they sing it with or the bouncy instrumental? Is it the last 45 seconds, where it explodes with life and happiness? Or the beautiful harmonies in the background? I don’t know. I just know every time I listen to it, I’m dancing too much to feel bad.

TWICE — Feel Special

I’m not the only person who hears this as a song about platonic love, right? Yes, it lends itself to romantic love. But I personally hear a song about friendship. This as Mina’s first comeback after going on hiatus for anxiety might cloud my reading of it. As someone with anxiety myself, I can’t undersell just how my family and friends help me through it. Nonetheless, the upbeat rhythm along with the booming “You make me feel special” chorus gets you moving.

“Feel Special” is a song about love, be it romantic, familial or self-love. You are loved and you are special.

B1A4 — What’s Happening

Of all the songs on this playlist, this is the one that I know the full routine to. This combines what I love about “Rainbow” and “Young & Free” into one. Feels like a song from a musical’s B-Plot? Check. A chorus that uses a common phrase, thus making it impossible to get out of your head? Check. Insanely poppy and catchy? Triple check.

I actually removed a song from this list to make room for this one. Then danced along before I settled down to write again. I love it so much.

Clazziquai — Sweety

It was really hard to not just make this whole list Clazziquai. I still haven’t dug through their whole discography. I love their blend of jazz, electronica and pop. Their songs have this catchiness that eases into your mind and heart. Every part works together to weave a beautiful song that just makes me happy. It’s hot cocoa for the soul, deep, sweet and calming.

The video makes this song even better. I’m annoyed that there isn’t a movie about two adorable nerds using science to find love and the hi-jinks that ensues! I want that movie or drama or whatever! Also, LOOK AT BABY LEE JOON-GI!!

I just had to get that out of the way. Sorry about that.

If you haven’t, I highly suggest you make your own Happy playlist. I hope it helps. Now turn off the news and dance.

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