Rapid Review: HA:TFELT — “Me?”


Welcome to another Rapid Review! This time around, I’m exploring HA:TFELT and looking back at her 2014 album, “Me?” 

While K-pop newcomers might only know her by HA:TFELT/Ha:tfelt, this artist has gone by many names during her long career. Debuting in 2007 in the legendary girl group, Wonder Girls, Park Ye Eun (A.K.A Yenny) is many things. Leader, lead guitar player, model and now an indie artist. She debuted as a soloist in 2014 under JYP Entertainment but signed with her current company, Amoeba Culture, once her contract expired.

Park might not be the former Wonder Girl most know, but she’s certainly very active with her music. (She recently released her album “1719.”) I remember giving her a listen years ago, but not latching onto anything. With her latest video, “Life Sucks,” on my mind, I decided to give the EP a second shot!


I want to start this off with how much I love her voice. It is amazingly full. Your voice is as vital an instrument as a guitar or piano, and she’s a great example of that. In “Iron Girl,” she’s breathy while she plays with her lower register. In “Truth,” she unleashes her inner R&B ballad singer. Her voice somehow reminds me of Celine Dion, in a way I can’t put my finger on. 

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Unfortunately, the album falls short for me during the bigger songs, “Wherever Together” and “Ain’t Nobody.” Both songs have really good production, but I’m more interested in her voice and delivery than I am in the dated dubstep and house tracks. I’m actually a fan of both genres, but there’s something missing in both and it frustrates me.

Still, I rate this album as a strong 7.5 solely on the strength of “Nothing Last Forever” and “Truth.” It shows just what an expressive and powerful singer she is and makes me interested in her post-JYP work.

High Points

Peter Pan, Nothing Last Forever, Iron Girl

Low Points

Wherever Together, Bond, Ain’t Nobody

In conclusion

While the larger song production occasionally conflicted with her singing, HA:TFELT’s debut album has power and great skills shining through. 





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