Rapid Review: EXID’s “Hippity Hop”


Welcome back to Rapid Reviews! This week, we explore another album from 2012, EXID’s “Hippity Hop.” Unlike SPICA, I do occasionally listen to EXID, although I only started after the infamous fancam of “Up and Down” went viral. That being said, I like their style and eagerly look forward to their comeback.

I remember hearing the group nearly disbanded, but as I did my research, I was shocked to find out three three members had left? Essentially, the original line-up included Hani, Jeonghwa, LE and three other singers. They debuted in February 2012 with the single, Whoz That Girl. In April, AB Entertainment announced the other three members were leaving. Then in July, SolJi and Hyerin joined the group. Hilariously, Hyejin nearly made the first line-up but didn’t make the cut.

This is, again, a new album for me. I have to admit, the album title, “Hippity Hop,” made me giggle and question how good the album is. So how does it fare after eight years? Can it still draw new listeners after almost a decade?


“Hippity Hop” is pretty short, clocking in around 23 minutes over six tracks. I won’t even tease you, this album gets nine stars. I’ve discussed in the past how awkward and weak production can dull a good group.

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Fortunately, AB Entertainment’s owner is legendary producer Shinsadong Tiger. So EXID successfully avoided that fate. The production never clashes with or overshadows the ladies’ voices. Their vocals are also incredible. I know how powerful their voices are now, but it’s surprising to see just how robust and solid they were then.

This is a really strong album, reader. Even the songs I don’t like are enjoyable and well made. I can easily have “Hippity Hop” on repeat and not skip anything. Everything fits, nothing feels out of place and the ladies are singing their behinds off. Even LE’s raps, despite having a very distinctive voice, flows nicely with the vocals. I don’t have complaints about this album.

As a bonus, I love how their first video as five is as bright and off-kilter as they are now. They all look comfortable in their skin and already draw your eyes. I’m really sad it took them until “Up and Down” to make their break. They should have been monster rookies.

High points

Think About It, Better Together, I Feel Good

Low Points

I Feel Good R.T. Remix, 

In Conclusion

An incredibly strong debut with memorable tracks, strong vocals, and charismatic performers. I’ll definitely be back listening to more EXID albums.





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