[GUEST] Renting an Oppa for Your Tour of Seoul?


Now that the world is slowly opening up — and we can all agree cabin fever has been at an all time high — people are ready to go out and enjoy the world again. Maybe even do that trip they’ve been dreaming of. Maybe it’s finally time to make that journey to South Korea you’ve talked about, wrote about, texted every single one of your friends about.

Bags packed, ticket bought, hotel reserved, but there is just one more thing you need. A tour guide. But not a normal, large group, flag-following, takes-you-to-all-the-usual-spots-but-doesn’t-show-you-the-real-Korea kind of tour group. Instead, what about a one on one tour with a local guide? What if your tour is planned like a date? Sound intriguing?

Enter the company Oh My Oppa!

Many of you are unfamiliar with the term “oppa.” It is the Korean term younger women use for an older guy friend or their older brother. Some even use “oppa” as a term of an endearment for an older boyfriend. (And/or flirting.) Now you can rent one for a tour of Seoul. Yes, you are reading that correctly. You can rent an oppa for two and a half hours. You can pick from many different options of tours around Seoul. Even choosing one to create your own tour.

macg_oh my oppa

You’re possibly thinking, “A one-on-one tour? That’ll probably cost a fortune!”

Shockingly these tours are rather reasonable. They costing $70(USD) for a set tour and $100(USD) for the customized tour.  

So book your tour at ohmyoppa.com today! (Pro Tip: If you’re not comfortable being one on one with a male party, they have an eonnie (older sister) option as well. Happy travels!  

Sammie Scordato is a photojournalist who has had a passion for writing and exploring things she loves since a very young age. Her current adventure is exploring the cultures of South Korea, and using her website to teach Korean to people in a fun new way.

You can find her on Korean From Context, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok  @koreanfromcontext.

(Images via Oh My Oppa.)

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