LAY Zhang Release 2nd Half To “LIT” Album


LAY Zhang has released the final six tracks of his “LIT” album, much to his fans’ delight. Teaming up with influential producers Scott Storch and Murda Beatz, LAY strives to leave his revolutionary mark on the international music scene.

As I stated in my last article, this is LAY’s biggest move to date. He released the first half of the album and the title track MV back in June, preparing us for this next phase. Curiously, LIT isn’t a departure from LAY’s usual sound, but it is a bold step. One that demands our attention.

The 12-track album masterfully uses elements from current hip-hop trends as well as traditional Chinese instruments. With hip hop being such a popular genre, it’s important to put your own style in your work to stand out. LAY does this by actively adding his culture and history into each track. If you were ever curious about LAY Zhang, here is your open invitation. He certainly isn’t shy about it.


The Mandarin character for “LIT” itself describes a Chinese belief surrounding the lotus flower. The lotus grows in muddy water, a beautiful thing in a less ideal situation. It often symbolizes the duality of life and death, a new birth in bleak circumstances.

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It’s certainly a fitting symbol for such an ambitious album. Due to the current health crisis, the world is a complicated and uncertain place. Yet “LIT” leaves something new and beautiful in the murky waters of 2020.


It also fits LAY as an artist. The lotus represents different things in different cultures. As I stated, LAY has been a lot of things in his extensive career. A Chinese actor who debuted as a singer in a K-pop group. He’s produced not only the album but the music video. Additionally, he’s a writer, a choreographer, a sheep, a unicorn. LAY constantly remakes himself as he evolves as an artist.

(Just an interesting detail, the lotus is known for its healing properties and LAY’s EXO power is healing. I see what you did there, sir. Nicely done.)

“LIT” is available to stream and to purchase on the site of your choice.

(Photos credited to Zhang Yixing Studio, YouTube.)

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