K-pop Social Night Makes History with #KPSNPODCASTFEST!

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July 18 was a historical day in the Hallyu community as #KPSNPODCASTFEST launched. The digital festival was the first of its kind, showcasing various internet radio/podcast programs from the Hallyu community. K-pop and Hallyu podcasts such as Kpopcast Live and 106 & Seoul gifted fans with live broadcasts of their shows. This, of course, allowed them to interact with their fans directly. The jam-packed day featured 12 broadcasts for a total of 12 live episodes. Between shows, hosts played new and classic K-pop hits that had fans squealing in happiness.

History in the Making

K-pop Social Night (KPSN) presented #KPSNPODCASTFEST, the first of its kind for the Hallyu community. Fan-entertainers are an overlooked community. This event focused a special spotlight on them. Podcasters and online radio hosts have been the lifesavers of Hallyu fans internationally due to this current health crisis.

Accordingly, KPSN highlighted these shows as they continue their mission to unite the world through all things Hallyu. Their witty and charming programs have kept the community both informed and entertained for years.

#KPSNPODCASTFEST was held on the online meeting platform Zoom, which allows multiple breakout rooms in the same meeting. There was even a “lobby” where guests could chat and partake in Hallyu-related entertainment while they waited for each podcast to start. 

The online festival lived up to its dedication to providing a safe space for Hallyu fans. KPSN moderators closely monitored every room while fans and hosts discussed topics like cultural appropriation, K-pop royal families and how to edit a podcast. Special guests Robyn Rush, TheJessLyfe and SydTheKid hosted games and interviewed the hosts. Other special guests and hosts included Not Your Average Netizens, An Album A Day and Shinee Print

Sponsors & Donations

Of course, even in a pandemic, entertainment takes a lot of resources. #KPSNPODCASTFEST had multiple enthusiastic sponsors including Madasa Media, In Beaded Colour LLC, Women of Excellence (WOEX), TuneHype, No Bounds Fitness and CodeFit Personal Training.

The KSPN team extends their thanks to these amazing sponsors and donors as well as their team of moderators. Their support made #KPSNPODCASTFEST a success.

KPSN also donated a portion of the sales to the Nation Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). Click here to learn more about their NAMI.

A huge thank-you goes out to all the guests and attendees. You helped KPSN make history that day! We’ll see you next time. Until then, keep on K-poppin!

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