Singer Mio Cra’Vonne Spreads Body Positivity With Debut Album

Mio Cra'vonne

Rising star Mio Cra’vonne continues the spread of body positivity for all women with the release of her first EP MI…VOLUME 1. The four-track EP showcases Mio Cra’vonne’s talent to combine story and song into chart rising music.

On creating her debut album, Mio Cra’vonne shares, “I’m an artist with a mission for women to take back our power and fully accept our bodies. Reminding every woman, she is a uniquely created Brikk Houz. I’m looking to join all platforms for women empowerment.”

Mio recorded her first album on her own record label, Brikk Houz Music, proving just how multi-talented she is.

Mio Cra’vonne debut song Brikk Houz, peaked at # 5 on the DRT Global TOP 150 Indie Artists and #75 on the DRT Global TOP 200 Airplay Chart for the month of May 2020.

Mio’s latest song, Smoke N Mirrors, was released on July 21, 2020. It has been in heavy rotation on Houston’s local radio station, Bangin 832.

Even though this is Mio’s debut album, she’s no rookie when it comes to music. She started singing in church to secure a vocalist role in the female duo Destiny and later going solo. 

Mio takes inspiration from the brilliant and sultry voices of Denise Williams, Sade, Tina Marie, Gloria Estefan, and many more. Her music is versatile, uplifting, breathtakingly beautiful, and comforting. The lyrics she writes tell the story of her love, her life, and her future. She places the ups and downs of life against beautiful melodies that give you a peek into her heart.

Head to Mio’s Youtube channel to check out her music and let us know which song is your favorite!

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