Rapid Review: “Busker Busker’s 1st Album”


Welcome to another round of Rapid Reviews! Lately, I’ve been focusing on girl groups from the 2012-2014 range. I did that because frankly, the boys get plenty of attention. However, I’m taking a brief break from mainstream K-Pop to talk about Busker Busker! Busker Busker was a 3-member indie rock band that formed around 2011.

The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Jang Beom Joon, bassist Kim Hyung Tae, and drummer Brad Moore. Originally, the band regularly rotated musicians until their appearance on the third season of Superstar K. Jang, Moore and Kim were the only band members available at that moment so they stuck with the lineup.

The group struggled initially on the show but their unique style soon got the audience’s attention and they were the runner-up to Ulula Session. They soon signed a six-month deal with CJ E&M Music. Now, while that doesn’t seem impressive, CJ E&M is one of the biggest conglomerates in South Korea so that’s pretty impressive. Unfortunately, the group temporarily disbanded in 2013, citing the desire for various solo projects. They’ve yet to reunite.

Now that we have some background on this group, let’s discuss the album “Busker Busker’s 1st album”.


Chances are you’ve already heard the band’s biggest hit, Cherry Blossom Ending. Every spring, the song makes an appearance on the charts and social media. While Busker Busker is definitely more than that one song, it’s one that highlights what sets the group apart; the relatable lyrics, the dreamlike melody, and Jang’s unique vocals.

To me, he’s the brightest spot of the group. I love his vibrato and while it can get tiring in songs like Ideal Type, it shines in Yeosu Night Sea. He also wrote and composed the entire album, which gives it a unified sound that doesn’t feel repetitive. This isn’t to say the other two didn’t pull their own weight. I honestly don’t have a problem with the production of this album.

I rate this album at an 8. There’s some hits and misses but for a group so young and that struggled with communication, it’s a very smooth album. You can easily play in the background as you work or belt along with the group as you go about your life. It also makes me curious about Jang’s solo projects as this is such a strong album.

Low points

Ideal Type, At the Entrance to the Alley

High points

Perfume, Yeosu Night Sea, First Love

In Conclusion

A strong album from a young band and composer, Busker Busker’s first album is a welcomed break from the flashy mainstream.



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