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I’m not sure about anyone else but I’ve been feeling languid lately. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s that time of summer where nothing is happening but everything is about to happen. Who knows? Still, I have quite a bit of things to do and I need to get motivated, which can only mean one thing. NEW PLAYLIST TIME!!

The goal with this playlist is simple: Songs that get me pumped and energized. Songs that get me so hyped up, I can’t stay still and feel happier afterward. No rules with this one, only going with what makes me feel and dance. Let’s get started.

Game of Thrones- Rhythm Power

The simplest way to explain my love of this song is “Korean Beastie Boys” but that’s a bit reductive. The English title, “Game of Thrones”, evokes the image of bloodthirsty politics but the song borrows from drinking games. The obnoxious horns remind me of a circus clown and Rhythm Power’s excited and chaotic raps never fail to get me hyped.

Drop- TVXQ’s U-Know

I absolutely love this track. When SM announced U-Know’s return from military service, I braced myself for his comeback. And I still wasn’t ready. What really gets me hyped about it is the interlude at the beginning. I love how he starts off sounding calm, only to grow angrier as he continues.

That combined with the strings and horns, along with the chanting lets you know that this isn’t your average comeback. This is an averaging King, coming to reclaim his throne and his people from the imposters who dared aim for his rightful spot. The intro isn’t on the official audio version but it doesn’t matter. Jung Yunho said, “Drop it low” and he meant it!

Be Quiet- Monsta X

Balanced yet indulgent feels like the best way to describe “Be Quiet”. It gets loud and bombastic during the chorus but softens during the verse to let the singers’ voices shine. I.M. and Jooheony slay their rap verse. I especially love how the beat builds during the pre-chorus before the killing move of “Be Quiet”. It got me so hyped when I first heard it, I didn’t realize that it doesn’t have a chorus. Usually, the EDM quirk annoys me but hey? I’ll take it any day.

Step- F(x)

I rediscovered this song during my Rapid Review for the Pink Tape album. F(x) always made me hyped but Step just goes above and beyond for me. The fast drums give you a great pace for you to practice your runway walk to, as the ladies sing “You watch my step,” feels like a taunt to any potential copycats. And most importantly, this song is about them running in their sneakers and flexing on the other girls wearing heels. As someone who loves her shoe wear, this has a special place in my heart.

Bbi Li Ba Ba- Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha

Remember all of those times I told you I’m trash for disco bops? Or that time I gushed about my love for Brown Eyed Girls? Yeah, this probably isn’t that surprising. Still, I never hear anyone talk about this song, and today, I’m going to change that!

Firstly, I love that bass groove and how it plays against the light cymbal and the Calypso-Esque drums throughout the song. There’s almost too much happening but it still draws me and soon enough, I’m dancing. I especially love how grand, sweeping, and ethereal it gets during the pre-chorus. It’s like a mythical siren became a disco queen. Which is now a story I want to see.

My Copycat – Orange Caramel

We don’t talk about this song enough!! I love everything about it. The cheeky, borderline-cutesy way Orange Caramel sings, and how the horns just blast their way throughout the song. My favorite part might be the cheering and clapping during the pre-chorus/chorus. It gives a song that already has so much energy an extra boost. Between the infectious tune and a surprisingly simple routine, this never fails to get me hyped.

What about you, dear reader? Has this playlist inspired you to get moving? Or did I miss one of your favorites? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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