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2023 Oscar Nominations: Andrea Riseborough’s Surprised And Other Hot Topics

Andrea Riseborough
Image credit- Fox News

Andrea Riseborough admitted that she was “not completely sure” how her nomination had occurred. Following Tuesday’s announcement of the Oscar nominations, award experts are still pulling their jaws up off the floor.

Even She Is Shocked By The Oscar Nomination

Although British actress Andrea Riseborough received a wave of late celebrity support, many Oscar observers believed she had an uphill battle to receive a nod in the fiercely competitive best actress category.

She was nominated on Tuesday, though, for her role as an alcoholic mother from Texas who struggles to make ends meet after blowing her lottery winnings in the film To Leslie.

Without a doubt, Riseborough is remarkable in the low-budget movie, but even she was taken aback by the nod. She told Deadline when the nominations were announced, “I’m stunned. “It’s like a sudden ray of sunshine. I’m not really sure how this came about.”

A-Lister Actor And Actress

Andrea Riseborough

Image credit- fox News

And it involves Gwyneth Paltrow, Edward Norton, Courteney Cox, Susan Sarandon, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Paulson, and Amy Adams.

They are just a handful of the Hollywood A-listers who supported To Leslie by endorsing the movie on social media and, in some cases, even arranging their own screenings.

It was ultimately successful to get the movie on the Academy’s radar, but Riseborough’s campaign has been extremely unorthodox.

 Andrea Riseborough’ Career

When it first debuted, To Leslie apparently only brought in $27,000 (£21,800) from ticket sales. (However, last week, when this writer paid to rent it on a well-known streaming service, it did make at least an additional £4.49.)

The movie had its world premiere in March at South by Southwest. The movie mostly went overlooked since SXSW, unlike Toronto, Venice, or Cannes, is not one of the film festivals that is thought to be a crucial component of the awards race.

Riseborough remembered, “There was a quiet lull after SXSW. Then gradually, as the movie screened a few times elsewhere, notably at Raindance.


1. Who is Andrea Riseborough?

A. She is an English Actress and producer

2. What is her profession?

A. Actress

3. What is Andrea Riseborough Nationality?

A. England

4. How old is Andrea Riseborough?

A. 41 years old

5. What happened to Andrea Riseborough?

A. She is nominated for Oscar 2023

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