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A ‘Devastated’ Tackle by Will Pryce – video spreads everywhere

A ‘Devastated’ Tackle by Will Pryce
A ‘Devastated’ Tackle by Will Pryce

Will Pryce, a 19 –year- old, halfback for the Huddersfield Giants whose Tackle video surfaced online on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter has received substantial condemnation from social media users. 

The 19-year-old was sent was out from the field for a dangerous tackle on Hull FC’s Connor Wynne in a 14-6 Super League Defeat held on Sunday. Henceforth, Will Pryce has manifested a red card and suspended for ten games for such a perilous throw. He was presented with a 10- match ban following his absolute disciplinary.

Will Pryce’s Huddersfield coach was shocked by such suspension, and he was of the opinion that teenager Will Pryce will definitely examine and learn from his first Super League Red Card.

As per British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Sports, the participant, Will Pryce has been put up for the upcoming eight games. For the Grade F offense committed by the participant he was fined £500 by the advisory group and faced a minimum eight-game ban. By far, it is the most serious penalty accessible on Rugby.

 Since he is suspended from playing again until mid of June, which suggests that Will Pryce will miss roughly a third of Huddersfield’s season. All the media users have a different opinion regarding this lengthy ban. Some feel that though the tackle was absolutely a dangerous one but was not worthy of a three-month ban while some think that a 10-match ban was a deserving one. 

In May 2021 academy game, Will Pryce was convicted for a serious offense against Bradford Bulls.

Reactions were given on Twitter and in other ways.

Matthew Shaw tweets, “This tackle received four matches. Will Pryce has received a 150% increase in punishment by comparison.”

Sky Sports news tweets, “Huddersfield Giants’ Will Pryce has been handed a 10-game suspension by the RFL for his sending off in Sunday’s Betfred Super League defeat against Hull FC.”

Watson gave a statement, “There has been a most important session to learn. Another most crucial thing is that he has vanished in the locker room. It has been known that he is so confused. All he is in need to do now is lick his wounds and focus on the consequences of those actions and has been learning from them.”

Watson further adds, “He is a good kid and is now enough to learn and understand. When you will be moving ahead in your career, to must-have some adversity and that’s why it is important to be deal with it.”

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