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A juvenile teenager killed the victim Karimah Phuly

A juvenile teenager killed the victim Karimah Phuly
A juvenile teenager killed the victim Karimah Phuly

It is the story of a 19-years-old girl who has been murdered. But, unfortunately, nowadays, people think it is easy for them to take away people’s lives just in a second just because they don’t like them. Murders are taking place daily by day, which needs to be controlled. It is a matter of great concern which the people should shed light upon. 

What was the reason for Karimah Phuly’s death?

According to the news reports, it is coming to the notice that she has been killed by someone who used to get jealous of her and didn’t like her. Her dead body has been known to be found in Duluth’s Endion. The only youngest member in her family is the suspect, which can take us to the bridge. She was a girl with big dreams, and all she wanted was to become a famous personality, but all her dreams faded the day she was killed. Nevertheless, she lived her life happily and was a charming girl with dreams in her eyes.

 Who killed Karimah Phuly?

According to the reports, it is said that she has been killed by one of her family members, and this is the most disheartening part of the story. Family members are the ones who look after you, but in this case, it just gave goosebumps. A young family member is coming as a face who might have killed her. But instead, she was stabbed and then killed. Police have been discussing all the matter with her family, and they determined that there has been no assault. 

It is coming to the notice that the 15 years old juvenile male has stabbed her to death and has been charged with the 2nd Degree Homicide. But the main thing was that the authorities had not identified someone. The suspect was held at the Juvenile Center. The officer charged him with the second degree was St. Louis County Attorney. She could not even reach the hospital, and before that, only she died and passed away.

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