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A person has been identified named David Wenwei Chou for conducting a mass shooting at a church in California.

David Wenwei Chou

The mass shooting took place in California, and one of the suspects was David Wenwei Chou. Let’s know more about the Incident.

What exactly happened at the Church near Laguna Woods?

Last Sunday, Chou allegedly shot several people at the Church in Laguna Woods, California. According to reports, one person was killed, and the other four suffered major injuries, but they survived. The investigation is still in progress. Video of the incident has been captured on the camera near the street. 

The incident occurred in the morning when the people had gathered at the Church for Sunday mass. The investigation continued throughout the night. One of the officers said in a tweet on Sunday that one of the shooters had been identified as a 68-year-old male named David Chou from Las Vegas. Jeff Hallock, an undersheriff, tweeted about the Incident.

What have the police found out so far about the Incident?

The officers arrived at the place of the Incident at 1:26 p.m local time, where they found one victim dead and four victims heavenly injured. The victims who managed to survive were taken to the hospital. All the victims were Asain, and their ages were between 66 to 92. 

Reports suggest that one of the shooters named David Wenwei Chou was taken into custody. On the officers’ arrival, the congregants of the Church managed to hog-tie one accused; other shooters managed to run away. The reason for this mass shooting has not been revealed yet. A mass shooting is a serious case. Hence, California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted about the same. 

A person has been identified named David Wenwei Chou for conducting a mass shooting at a church in California.

Just one day earlier a similar incident took place in California where an 18-year-old guy from New York carried out a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. In this Incident, 10. People died. According to Orange Country Sheriff’s Department, David Chou will have been charged with one count of murder and five counts of attempted murder.

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