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A seven-year-old dies after being attacked by a dog

A seven-year-old dies after being attacked by a dog

Serenity, a seven-month-old girl, got killed by being mauled by a family dog. The accident took place in Georgia. The baby was attacked by an American bulldog/great Pyrenees mix. It happened on Tuesday at home in suburban Augusta.

Serenity was rushed to the AU Medical center. And at the hospital, she died of her injuries.

Serenity was with her great grandmother, Migdalia Guadalupe when the incident happened. She was babysitting her at the time of the accident. Migdalia suffered some non-life-threatening injuries. The injuries result from her trying to pull the dog away from serenity. 

Baby Serenity’s death: what exactly happened

Authorities are trying to investigate what triggered the dog to act in such a way. 

Parents of Serenity are devastated after hearing the news of their daughter’s death.

The neighbors told the officials that the dog was very much out of control. 

Deputies came to the scene at around 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday. Columbia County Fire and Rescue personnel were already at the scene, rendering to the victim when the authorities came at the scene.

The baby was pronounced dead at 6:45 p.m. The dog who attacked the baby is now being held at Columbia County Animal Service as the state law stated that the animal has to be confined and observed for ten days. A lot of people donated for the baby’s funeral. More than 250 people have donated for the funeral. The total of the money collected was $13,410. Baby Serenity will always be in memories of her parents. She was a very beautiful and cute girl. Unfortunately, due to a very tragic event, parents lost their babies. 

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