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A small boy playing with a snake tail viral video

A small boy playing with a snake tail viral video
A small boy playing with a snake tail viral video

One must have seen several snakes videos, but the video which went viral shows something different. The video that has recently gone viral can also leave many breathless. The video shows a small child strangling a snake and playing with its tail. It shows the snake running fast to escape the child, but the child is behind him.

About earlier videos that went viral with snakes

The hobby of playing with venomous snakes is born in the minds of many people these days. Creepy videos like these have become a trend on social media nowadays. In the video which was shared earlier where a man was seen doing tricks with 3 cobras while wearing a hood, after which he had to give this person to do the trick. Even before, people on the Internet have seen people giving water to a snake from their hands, but now in a video that is becoming increasingly viral on social media networks, a small child can be seen playing with a snake without fear, as if it were his daily life routine. After seeing this video go viral, the eyes of social media users were also out stunned.

How was the child playing with a snake in the viral video?

The video shows a small child strangling a snake with its tail. It can be seen how the snake runs quickly, escaping from the child, but this child is behind him. Further, the video shows that as soon as the child’s grip weakens, the snake tries to run away with a quick crawl, after which the child also catches it again, running after him.

The snake in the video is quite large, but despite this, the child is not at all afraid of it, on the contrary, you can see how the snake escapes from fear of the child. After watching this video on social media, everyone’s eyes widened. After watching this video on the Internet, users react in different ways. The series of likes and views continue in this video.

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