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A van driver was sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing a man during a mass brawl.

A van driver was sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing a man during a mass brawl.

A man who was chased and run over by a van during a mass brawl on a public green has been sentenced to 12 years in prison. Alfie Tullet, 34, admitted killing Frankie Bulbrook on July 24, 2020, during a fight between two groups in Chislehurst, south-east London.

Mr Bulbrook, also 34, was critically injured and died at the scene on Belmont Green. Tullet, of East Malling, Kent, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter and two years in prison for violent disorder on Thursday.

Court’s judgment on the case:

Judge Simon Mayo QC sentenced him at the Old Bailey, saying: “You got into the driver’s seat of a Transit van that you had driven to the scene with two friends.” You drove the van onto the public green where the disturbance was occurring and deliberately drove at Frankie Bulbrook.” I reject the notion that you had no intention of running him over.” According to the judge, using the van as a weapon was a “seriously aggravating feature.”

A van driver was sentenced to 12 years in prison for killing a man during a mass brawl.

Frankie Bulbrook’s family’s reaction to the son’s demise:

The victim’s father, Dave Bulbrook, described his “overwhelming sense of loss” in a victim impact statement read to the court, saying his son had a “heart the size of the world.” They had played golf together the last time he saw him. “Frankie wanted to shake hands with me at the end of the game, but I declined because I wanted to keep us safe,” he explained. I’m really sorry I made that decision.”

Mother Sarah Costello said the impact of his passing had been “immense”. “We’re all so messed up.” “It feels like we’ve been shattered into tiny pieces that can never be put back together again,” she said. “It is awful and devastating as a mother to see your children in so much suffering,” she continued, describing the effect on Mr Bulbrook’s siblings.

Ms Costello sobbed in court as Bulbrook’s half-brothers Harry, 26, and Alfie, 24, both of Chislehurst, were sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for violent disorder. The violence erupted following a small quarrel between Harry Boyles and a friend of Tullet’s, according to the court. “I’m completely satisfied from everything I’ve heard, seen, and read during the course of the trial that you, Harry Boyles, were the primary instigator of the violence,” Judge Mayo stated. “It’s evident to me that you were enraged as a result of a verbal exchange. Your brothers Alfie and Frankie were lured into the confrontation and the ongoing violence on Belmont Green as a result of your activities.”

“It appears that your gang was armed with a variety of weaponry. A knuckleduster and a knife were discovered at the crime scene. An automobile jack was also wielded and used as a weapon. Two of the opposing gang were stabbed and critically injured and most serious of all, your brother Frankie was run down and died. A witness at the scene saw a woman who appeared to be your mother say to you both, ‘This is your responsibility.

In my opinion and based on the evidence presented at trial, she was correct in blaming you for starting or contributing to a chain of events that resulted in awful and sad consequences, even though I understand you did not mean for your brother to die that late afternoon.” The judge ordered that the weapons recovered by police be destroyed.

“Frankie’s death was the senseless result of a trivial comment directed at Alfie Tullet’s friend,” Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant Sarah Fisher said. Our investigation discovered that Tullet came to the apparent aid of his slighted friend while under the influence of alcohol. This resulted in a fight, and it was Frankie, who had played no role in the initial confrontation, who paid the ultimate price.”

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