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A Viral Video of Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj on Twitter

Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj

A video is currently circulating on social media, especially Twitter. According to the source, the video is about Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj that is getting everyone's attention on social media. According to the reports, this video has just appeared on the platforms, and yet, in this short period of time, it has been viewed by millions of people on the Internet.

Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj Video

Ever since the video of Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj appeared on social media, many internet users are also looking for this video which is currently generating buzz.

Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj is one of the two people featured in this video. But the argument is, why are they being trolled on social media? According to reports, the video shows the couple kissing while riding a bicycle. The bone of the quarrel was the couple's personal daylight activity on the open road. In the video, Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj kisses his lover, who is sitting in front with her back in the opposite direction to the traffic.

Who is the beloved of Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj?

It is not very common to act in person in broad daylight in India. That is the main reason for people demanding legal action against the couple. And now it is also important to know the name of the other person involved in the video. Girl kissing Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj in the viral Twitter clip – Miratai Harat reportedly. She is said to have been an accomplice of Balkrishna Mogal Maharaj.

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