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Aaron Lamont Swan Jr., Suspect In Murder Of Brackenridge PD Chief Justin McIntire, Was Detained In Homewood

Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.
Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.; image credits - CBS News

Police shot and detained Aaron Lamont Swan Jr. in Homewood after he was identified as the suspect in the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, slaying of Brackenridge Police Chief Justin McIntire.

The killing of Justin McIntire on Monday in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, close to 6th Avenue and Morgan Street is being investigated as the work of Lamont Swan Jr. McIntire was accompanied by another officer who was shot in the leg but is allegedly doing OK right now. Lamont Swan Jr. stole a 2014 silver Subaru Legacy and drove off from the scene. Before the police located him in Homewood, he eluded capture for a protracted time. Swan Jr. was described as threatening and armed by the police earlier, but it is unclear if he shot at the policemen when they attempted to detain him.

Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.

Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.; image credits – CBS News

The Cop Killed By Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.

Monday at around 4 p.m., police were called to the scene in the Allegheny County borough near 6th Avenue and Morgan Street. According to authorities, Justin McIntire, the police chief of Brackenridge since 2018, was the cop killed in the gunfight with the suspect. Aaron Lamont Swan, 28, is the culprit in the shooting, according to the police. Sources claim that the other cop was wounded in the leg while McIntire passed away at the site. Police reported that the officer is at a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. The name of the officer is unknown.

Aaron Lamont Swan Jr. Escaped

Following his escape from Brackenridge on Monday night in a carjacking, police in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood have verified that Swan was murdered in a gunfight with them. Swan was sought after by police on Sunday night for allegedly violating his probation with a weapon. On Sunday night, near Cheswick, he was spotted by state police on Route 28, but he evaded their traffic check, according to officials. Swan gave the police a chase early on Monday.

Swan escaped on foot after Harrison Township police confiscated his automobile. Around 2:00 p.m., police located him close to the line separating Brackenridge and Tarentum. Two locations saw gunfire exchanged; McIntire was murdered and the other officer was wounded. Police issued a “be on the lookout” warning for Lamont’s stolen Subaru Legacy, a 2014 model in silver. According to police, the individual’s Swan carjacked were unharmed.

Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.’s Previous Crimes

Swan allegedly shot at police enforcement previously as well. He was detained for carrying a pistol in East Liberty in 2014, and the K-9 officer fired at him, leading to his arrest and subsequent conviction. After entering a guilty plea, he received a three-year prison term. In 2017, he was found guilty once more and given a new three-year sentence for armed robbery as well as causing serious bodily harm to another person. Most recently, in 2019, he admitted to selling drugs and was given a second year in prison.


1. What is the age of Aaron Lamont Swan Jr.?

Ans. 28 years old

2. When did Aaron Lamont Swan Jr. Kill Justin McIntire?

Ans. January 2, 2023

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