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Abel Berhany 23 is sentenced to life for killing a man with fire extinguishers

Abel Berhany Death cause

A schizophrenic man who tortured another old man with a fire extinguisher kit till death is given a sentence by the court.

Abel Berhany in a fit of rage killed Abraham haile in City slots gambling arcade in north London.Berhany did this gruesome act in July 2020 and in less than a couple of years judge has given a verdict and provided justice to the victim’s family.

 Berhany kicked the victim 99 times:

Berhany apparently took a cigarette break during the repeated attack on the deceased. A report claims that Abraham was beaten 99 times with a fire extinguisher. 

Abel shoved a broom handle in the mouth of the victim while hitting the broom with an extinguisher to penetrate his mouth.

Berhany booted the victim’s entire upper body, He knocked the victim’s face over and over.Berhany used a sketch pen to mark the sign on the neck of the victim. He bleached the neck of Abraham during 16-minute long torturous murder.
Berhany was tortured in Libya:

Berhany informed police he had suffered in Libya and Britain granted asylum to him.

judge Marvin said during the hearing the murderer was ‘re-enacting’ his own suffering on someone else. ‘The defendant’s treatment of Mr. Haile was cruel, heartless and inhuman.

‘The defendant was entirely remorseless in his desire to inflict as much pain and indignity as he could. ‘Abraham Haile lost his life in the most awful of circumstances.

Abel Berhany Death cause

‘His family and those who loved him will never recover from the impact of this senseless tragedy. They will be left wondering why him and why did no-one save him??’

The victim’s brother, Solomon, grieved in a statement: ‘We will never forgive him for what he has put us through.

‘Words cannot express some of the emotions we have felt thinking about what Abraham went through.’  said: ‘This was a highly violent incident, the harrowing details of which were recounted in court in the presence of the victim’s loved ones. Detective Inspector Okikiola Okunola spoke to press after the verdict.

‘The judge in this case praised Mr Haile’s family for their dignity throughout the proceedings and also praised officers for their contributions to the investigation.

‘I wholeheartedly agree with his comments and my thoughts are with Mr Haile’s family today.’

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