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Ashley C. Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

Instagram • Twitter • YouTube

Ashley Griffin is a diverse writer, blogger, and YouTube Personality. A nomad at heart. Find “Multifacetedacg” on YouTube and shoot her a message on Twitter.

Jodie Davidson, Managing Editor

Instagram • Twitter

With a strong command of the English language and experience in photography, coding, and design, Jodie assists with maintaining MACG Magazine and keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes. Her focus when she picks up a pen is usually on breaking news or live events, but she also thoroughly enjoys binging dramas and discovering new artists. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her latest adventures.

Cy WhiteAssociate Managing Editor

Instagram • Twitter

Cy is a digital journalist and blog writer specializing in reviews of music and film across a broad range of genres. Wherever there’s electricity, food and a good Wi-fi connection is where she makes her home. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.



Kameron Webb, Junior Writer

Instagram • Twitter

So much to write, so little time. Kameron is a writer, digital journalist and photographer from the Midwest with a passion for music, entertainment and literature. A hardcore nerd at heart, she gleefully tackles topics ranging from the Hallyu tidal wave to every corner of the Marvel Multiverse.

TJ Cummings, Junior Writer

Twitter • YouTube

TJ is a digital journalist with MACG Magazine focusing on music, creative writing and fashion. With 14 years of unpublished creative writing experience under his belt, this is his first foray into the world of digital journalism.

Sandra Toure,  Digital Journalist

Facebook • TwitterYouTube

Sandra Toure, aka Sandi, is a writer who specializes in Japanese and Korean entertainment. She has been a part of both scenes for over 12 years with hopes to continue riding this crazy train! Aside from that, she is heavily into video games, comics and cosplay. You may catch her cosplaying some of your favorite characters at various conventions or rage quitting all of the video games she can find on her YouTube Channel.

Tina Rodriguez, Digital Generalist


Tina Rodriguez is a new digital journalist with MACG Magazine focusing on event coverage and TV entertainment.

DeShonda ThigpenContributor

Facebook • Instagram • Twitter

DeShonda is an elementary school teacher by day and a K-pop and K-drama addict by night. She is a writer for several Korean entertainment websites such as: DramaFever, SnackFever, her blog kdramaparadise.com and MACG Productions. This K-Drama Queen is also a vlogger on her YouTube Channel KDrama Paradise where she reviews the latest Asian Dramas and Movies and gives recommendations.

Joan MacDonald, Contributor

N.P. (CoolHappyMe), Contributor

By day, I am the sender of emails. By night, I watch movies and tell people what I think about them … even if they don’t ask.

Robyn Rush, Contributor

Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • YouTube

Robyn Rush is a Hallyu YouTuber who occasionally moonlights as a contributor for MACG Magazine. Check out her social media accounts for more of her original content.

Promotions & Social Media


Sara L., Press & PR Manager


Sara, known as Young Ajummah, started her journey in Korean entertainment as a casual fan. Now she is a freelance writer to many publications, hosts a monthly podcast on Aewen Radio and is in constant search of the next great interview.

Kaylee S., Marketing & Twitter Coordinator

Instagram • Twitter

Kaylee S. (better known as the “Max” behind MACG Magazine’s Twitter) is a writer and the Marketing Coordinator for MACG Magazine. When she’s not logged on as Max, you can probably find Kaylee on her personal Twitter or Instagram.

Jay V., Instagram Coordinator

InstagramTwitter • YouTube

J.Ventinilla (also known as Simply Jay or Jay for short) is a writer and YouTuber focusing on the Hallyu Wave (specifically K-Pop) but gives other glimpses into her life through her channel. She hopes to branch out to a diverse set of content in the near future. You can find her on her YouTube channel and other social media, where she is always around to interact with!

Immy Edwards, HallyuChat Coordinator

Immy is a U.S. East Coast girl who writes about the world she has never seen with an open heart. She spends her time writing for a Hallyu blog and hosting her own K-pop radio show.