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Actor Anne Heche was admitted to the hospital after a car accident

Actor Anne Heche was admitted to the hospital after a car accident

A two-story building was hit by a car and the LA Fire department made this report. the incident took place in the Mar Vista neighborhood. the place’s foundation was damaged, and it also initiated a serios fire.

Los Angeles: US actress Anne Heche met with a gruesome accident. She is currently in the Intense care unit. the information was put by US media.

It was a two-story house that was met with an accident. The actress was driving in the Mar Vista neighborhood. The fire department said, “causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire.”

The female driver was found in the car and “taken to an area hospital by LAFD paramedics in critical condition,” it said.

The cart was a mini cooper by BMW, despite being small in size the car can accelerate beautifully. the confirmation of the car and accident was reported by TMZ. a website known for entertainment work.

The famous actor is currently 53 years old. She could not control the car and crashed the car into the building garage.

but that was not the only accident she had. later she crashed heavily into mar vista’s house. The house was set on fire and it took 65 minutes and 59 firefighters to fully control the damage.

She was a star in many 1990s movies. she worked in famous movies like  “Six Days, Seven Nights,” “Donnie Brasco” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Anne Heche is a daytime Emmy award winner:

Heche is an award winner. her performance in the Soap opera “Another world” won her an Emmy.

Anne Heche was in a lesbian relationship with Ellen Degeneres: 

She is lesbian and although her career is almost over, she dated the biggest lesbian comic of all time Ellen Degeneres. being with this big star did give her a lot of limelight.

Actor Anne Heche was admitted to the hospital after a car accident

 But that was in the 1990s. She was already famous during that time. Ellen became quite successful after some time and Heche’s career went downhill. Usually when one of the partners finds too much success or another becomes a failure the relationships die. this is what happened in the case of Anne Heche and Ellen Degenerate

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