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After a Skateboard Accident in the Air Force Academy, Ryong Adams Dies from many Injuries.

After a Skateboard Accident in the Air Force Academy, Ryong Adams Dies from many Injuries.

At the air force academy, one of the first-year students in the Springs, Colorado, died after being hospitalized for approximately 2 weeks. By the press release, the death was announced by the school. Ryong Adams was in the cadet 4th. On April 23, Tennessee, he was hospitalized off-campus in the Colorado spring after he fell on the grounds at the academy. The press release said that during the “personal recreation,” he fell.

Know what was said by the spokesman-

One of the spokespeople in the air force academy, the spokesperson’s name was Dean Miller, told the website and said that Adams was involved in a skateboard and fell and died. Still, it did not clarify more information and details about the whole incident. Ryong Adams had many injuries as he fell, and the academy said it in the press release, and on Tuesday, he died. He had served as an enlisted man in the air force for being in the academy.

Ryong Adams

Know who is missing from Ryong-

Air force academy superintendent Lt.Gen Richard Clark said in one of the statements that we are very heartbroken and sad as we have lost the 4th class cadet class, Adams. They said he was a very dedicated cadet towards his work, and he was always ready to serve the nation. As he was the enlisted Airman before he arrived at the Preparatory School, he has worked very hard to join the cadet wing. 

He was a hard cadet, and everyone will always miss this pure soul. In June 2021 there was the last death in the academy. A small and private aircraft crashed in the near south airport Cleburne Regional of Fort Worth, Texas. One of the juniors in the school, Nick Duran, was one of two people aboard the plane when the plane crashed, leaving no survivors.

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