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Alex Martinez: Know who is Twitter Exec Mocking People With Asperger’s

Alex Martinez Know who is Twitter Exec Mocking People With Asperger's

The Twitter executive said that “…I can’t even take what you are (Elon Musk); Alex Martinez, as Twitter Lead Client Partner, was identified as the American far-right activist group Project Veritas. 

In the tweet, the Tesla boss, Elon Musk has commented that he purportedly had shown the recording, which was a secret of a Twitter executive, in which he was talking about the website that why the microblogging is not profitable for the website and also there internal resistance against Mr Musk’s buyout bid.

Know about the video-

By Banny Johnson, that video has been twisted. It was described as the “Godfather of the Conservative Internet” across social media, having millions of followers. In the video, Mr Johnson tagged the Tesla boss as having commented on the tweet. Mr Musk has responded that “Twitter execs trashing free speech and mocking people with Asperger’s.” 

Twitter will not process until he does not get the proof of the number of the spam accounts on Twitter, said Elon Musk. In that video, one of the Twitter employees said that the company is not as profitable as it was because of its woke ideology. It tends for the company to put the correct views in front of the people.

Know why Mr Martinez is criticizing in the video-

In the video, you can see Mr Martinez also criticizing Mr Musk for his views on free speech on the platform by saying that the people who believe in something for the planet that’s good and that is not to give to the people. The latest video has come a day after the man has described on Twitter as a senior engineer, and they said that the company does not believe in free speech. 

Some people are working in the company and “hated” Mr Musk’s $44 billion bid to buy the company. On Tuesday, for more of the information, Mr Musk was pushed on the social network writing to his almost 94 million followers. The CEO of Twitter said yesterday to the public that he refused to show proof of 5%, and until he does, this deal will not be able to move forward.

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