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Allison Bernard Missing Update: Where is Allison Bernard?

Allison Bernard Missing

Allison Bernard Missing Update: According to a recent report, it has been revealed that 4000 days after the disappearance of Queensland woman Allison Bernard, a person has been accused of her murder. According to Queensland Police reports on Wednesday, 62-year-old Cohen has been charged with the murder of 23-year-old Allison Bernard. In this article, we have discussed in detail all the things related to the murder of Allison Bernard.

Allison Bernard Missing Update

Allison Bernard went missing on February 10, 2013. She was on a road trip in central Cape York. She was at Cohen’s Exchange Hotel that afternoon and was caught on CCTV drinking with caretaker Thomas Byrnes. After that, when Thomas Byrnes was interrogated by the police in this matter, he told that both of us had left the hotel together but he had gone north towards the Archer River Mine. On the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, her family expressed their grief, saying, “We, the Bernards, are still devastated by Allison’s disappearance. His absence is impacting our lives and community, especially his children,” the statement from his family said.

“We accept the reward announcement by the Police Minister and we encourage anyone who has information that may assist the investigation to come forward.

“Family members deserve the respect to have answers to their questions surrounding her disappearance.”

In April last year, due to her disappearance, the police had offered a reward of $ 500,000 to anyone who would provide any information related to the whereabouts of Allison Bernard.

“We have not located Ms Bernard and are still urging anyone with information to contact police directly or through Crimestoppers and tell us what you know,” Searle said.

According to police reports, it is being told that 62 year old man Cohen will be presented in the Magistrate Court on Wednesday.

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