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Amanda Loannidis dead: Who Killed Her?

Amanda Loannidis dead
Amanda Loannidis dead

Amanda Ioannidis died at St. Michael’s hospital at the age of 68. She died on May 14, Saturday 2016. She was found dead in her residence. Her family was devastated by the sudden demise of Amanda Ioannidis.

Suspicions arose:

Since the police have suspected Amanda’s dead body, some suspicions have arisen among them. Immediately after that, they sent the body for post-mortem. After some inquiry, the police also stated that it was a homicide. Therefore, the police were trying to investigate the killing of Amanda Ioannidis.

The official was informed about the homicide. They reached the place to save the situation, only to find Amanda’s dead body. To know more about the case, the police started to inquire about Amanda’s neighbors, family, and friends.

Updates in investigation:

After some investigation by the police and the forensic department, the first suspect of the murder was identified. Amanda Ioannidis’s husband Blair was the prime suspect of the case. They were some evidence that suggested that Blair jumped into the Detroit River. Some officials were sent to the scene to know more about the situation.

The police and investigation team did all they could to find Blair, but they could not find him. He is still missing, but officials are still trying to find him.

Amanda was a loving person who loved her children and family very much. She was good at her work. Unfortunately, she left behind her 3 children of 4,5 and 8 months old. It was devastating that a woman so young and loving died suddenly. After all, Amanda will be missed as a fantastic person. Memories of her will always are her family’s heart.

The police were putting a lot of effort into finding the killer, but there have been no further updates. 

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