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Ammy Singleton: Shocking news came out about a female teacher from South Australia who has been accused of grooming a boy for sex.

Ammy Singleton: Shocking news came out about a female teacher from South Australia who has been accused of grooming a boy for sex.

Here is an article on why a teacher at Port Augusta school had to go to jail.

What did Ammy Singleton do?

A teacher from South Australia named Ammy Singleton committed a huge crime which made her face the court. She has been accused of sexually harassing a child in Port Augusta school. Her age is 28 years. This incident took place in November 2020. The principal of Port Augusta school came to know about the entire situation, and he immediately sent a letter to the parents of the child who had been harassed.

Ammy Singleton

The principal mentioned that the accused student is not from their school, and neither any student from their school has faced any such issue, so parents do not need to worry. Ammy Singleton was hired as a temporary relief teacher for one day only in November 2021. The Parents of the child immediately filed a complaint against the accused teacher.

What was the action taken against Ammy Singleton?

Reports suggest she was the only one involved in this act. She was also hired in Augusta Park Primary School as a relief teacher. On Wednesday, she was taken into custody on 23rd December 2021 and taken to court. She was told to return to the court again on 20th July. She will get bail but under the condition that she discontinues working for children in any way. 

The Crimes Amendment (Grooming) act commenced in the year 2014. This section applies to an adult who accuses a child sexually and is under the age of 16. The teacher carried of grooming in person or online has not been specified yet. 

Various other details about the child and his parents have not been revealed as the principal of Port Augusta, and the child’s parents would like to keep the details secret.

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