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Andrew Bennett has been taken into custody for the act of sexual harassment

Andrew Bennett has been taken into custody for the act of sexual harassment

Recently a well-known star Andrew Bennett has been accused of sexually harassing a boy. Here is why he has been taken into custody.

How did the incident take place?

Famous actor Andrew Bennett has been arrested for sexually accusing a teenage boy. He is a 47 years old actor who is from Sunderland. According to reports, he called up a teenage boy at his house. He took selfies with him; while sitting on the sofa, he shoved his hand down his pants and attempted to give him a hickey. 

He also tried to force the boy to sleep with him. He is an ex-Gogglebox star. He has been arrested, and he has to be behind bars for 29 months. First, Andrew denied the claims and said that he was under the influence of drugs due to which he was not in his senses, but later, he claimed that the allegations were true when more evidence was shown. 

He was on the show Gogglebox season 12 in the year 2018. He was on the show along with his friend Fawn. The case has been closed as he has been proven guilty of carrying out sexual harassment of an underage boy.

Andrew Bennett has been taken into custody for the act of sexual harassment

How was Andrew Bennett proven guilty?

Although he denied the facts earlier, the DNA reports of the boy presented in the court had the actor’s DNA in them. The judge then sentenced him to 29 months in jail, as the boy has been mentally disturbed since the incident. The court has also given him an order not to cause sexual harassment for ten years.

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