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Anna Faris, 46, strips down for Super Bowl ad

Anna Faris
Source: National Today

As Anna Faris’s upcoming Super Bowl LVII commercial proves, you can do anything once. In an interview with NBC’s “Today,” the 46-year-old actress discussed her controversial commercial for Avocados from Mexico, a non-profit group that promotes the popular fruit.

Faris said, “It was amazing,” when asked how she felt when she got the call to feature in the Super Bowl commercial, given that this was her first time doing something like this.


Jokingly, Faris described the commercial’s airing during the Super Bowl as “one of those moments of, like, high school payback.”

Anna Faris - Age, Bio, Birthday, Family, Net Worth | National Today

Source: National Today

The actress explained the process by which she was cast as Eve in a modern retelling of the biblical account for the Avocados from Mexico commercial.

According to Faris, “our commercial depicts the scenario of what would happen if Eve took a bite of an avocado instead of an apple.” Faris, who appears mostly naked in the commercial, revealed that the jelly she wore on set to disguise the nudity was “getting a little scratchy” towards the end of the day.

Anna Faris describes how ‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ director Ivan Reitman yelled at her and slapped her behind on set.

It made her giggle that a company in Mexico called Avocado was interested in hiring a 46-year-old woman named Eve. In an interview, the “Mom” star admitted that she had considered opposing the naked procedure but ultimately opted against it. “Or, I could give in and spend the rest of my life feeling modest and, like, “ahh, covering up,” even though I seriously doubted that Eve would ever… After explaining that “she’s an innocent,” Faris said, “It’s all method acting!””

In the sneak peek of the Super Bowl commercial, Faris can be seen visiting the Garden of Eden, eating an avocado while her blonde hair hangs loosely about her body. In the middle of the chaos, a nude Adam appears on screen and hands the fruit to Faris, telling her it will “make everything great.”

At this point, the video jumps ahead to the current day in New York City, where avocados are prominently featured on jumbotrons. The shady commercial culminates with Faris happily posing with the Statue of Liberty while munching on a Mexican avocado. Faris was so pleased with her Super Bowl ad that she said, “It felt just incredibly alive, the whole day.”

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