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Anne Frank the holocaust victim diarist honored by google.

Anne Frank the holocaust victim diarist honored by google

Anne Frank was a Jewish diarist born in nazi times in Germany. adolf Hitler ruined the country’s economy and his main target Jews were easier to target because jobless people can easily be incited towards anger and hate. Hitler used media, newspapers, and movies to further his hateful agenda, his voters thought of him as Messiah and they worshipped all Hitler’s wrongdoings. they used to hail all blunders by Hitler as masterpieces.

Hitler took advantage of anti-minority hate majority nazis were filled with wrong information about Jews. Hitler made hundreds of lies about Jews and bloodthirsty nazi society just needed someone to villainize. Hitler understood hate and anger are two emotions he can use to fill his dumb voter’s heads with propaganda.

the minority Jews had to move from one place to another because their houses and their lives were not safe, Her Jewish family decided to move to Amsterdam to make a living in the troubling times. their parents started a company called Pectin which made a food product related to jam.

Anne frank’s diary:

While Anne Frank and her family were in the hiding, she wrote a diary that became world-famous after her death. once the nazis banned Jews from owning businesses or going to any other business than Jews and they were restricted in many ways. in the end, infamous “labor camps” which were concentration camps for Jews were started by nazis. Anne’s father was a smart man he understood that labor camps are for killing the Jews.

His company was shut down because the Hitler government passed many hateful laws against Jews. it was the Jewish majority that cheered and supported the oppression of Jews. Rotten majorities filled with racial supremacy, and historical supremacy are usually looking to take out their evil self on the minority.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s father started building a hidden complex for his family and his partner supported him.

Anne was in hiding for over two years. what a terrible feeling it must have been. she wrote about the dreadful times in the annex and began writing a novel. she shared her feelings in the diary.

Her diary became famous:

Otte read her diary and he wanted to publish it. after the death of Anne Otte’s friends convinced him to get it printed. 3000 copies were made and sold. this book became really famous and in the 1960s the annex in which she was hiding was made a museum.

Museum was close to Otte he spent his entire life working with the museum. He wanted people to understand the results of discrimination, superiority complex, hateful voting, blaming minorities, making nazis heroes, choosing Hitler to take revenge on minorities, and racism.

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