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Anthony Felix was killed in Missouri after shooting three officers

Anthony Felix

Felix was released from the Arizona prism in 2020. Unfortunately, one of the officers from the three that he shot will not recover from the injury; it has been confirmed in one of the news. One of the police officers named Sloan Rowland said that he was preparing to be an organ donor.

What happened to the officers that were shot?

Another officer died on Tuesday. And the third officer Rick Hirshey was in a serious but stable condition on Thursday. Felix has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2002. The imposed crimes on him were aggravated assault, armed robbery, escape, burglary, theft, and flight from law enforcement. Felix has been confronted in the shopping mall by two police officers named Reed and Cooper. It was Captain William Davis who killed Anthony Felix. Rowland has asked everyone to pray for the officials. As for now, police have not released any information regarding Felix.

What happened to Felix?

The captain has shot Felix, and police chief Rowland has announced the news conference in the city hall. We have consulted with Jake’s family and friends, and it is sad to inform you that he will not recover. Unfortunately, Cooper has died due to the injuries when being taken to the hospital. Hirshey has been in the force for more than 20 years. Many of the thousands of militants have been hiding in remote territory. Badri is a radical who joined Salafi jihadist groups in 2003. He was also the leader of the five-membered shura council. Badri was held up when he was moving to Iraq. 

Recent assessments have put the groups in reserve. He was 45 years old when he died. So many have been killed in the Islamic attack for at least 200 prisons and 30 armed forces. It has all happened in the jail. Quraishi’s last battle was at Ghuwayran prison. After that, it was in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka.

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