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Antonio Straccialini was identified as the tourist brutally killed in the Caribbean island’s first-ever shark attack

Antonio Straccialini was identified as the tourist brutally killed in the Caribbean island’s first-e
Antonio Straccialini was identified as the tourist brutally killed in the Caribbean island’s first-e

Some new photos are released of an Italian ‘swimming coach’ who was killed after being bitten by a shark off the coastline of Colombia. On Friday, Antonio Straccialini, aged 56, was diving near the coast of La Piscinita on the Colombian island of San Andres when he was attacked by an 8-foot tiger shark. Because of being mauled by the animal, he called out for aid, as per startled eyewitnesses. Before he could be hospitalized, the individual was seen laying on his back with a large portion of his right leg removed and blood streaming from the hole where once his thigh was. He fell into cardiogenic shock after the attack caused him to lose a lot of blood, and he passed away succumbing to his wounds.

His relatives recalled him as an “explorer” and “a traveler who toured every part of the world in his own fashion” after his unfortunate demise.  Antonio Straccialini was born in Roseto Degli Abruzzi, on the eastern seaboard of Italy, but he had been residing in Australia at the time, working and saving money to travel the world. He was a wilderness and travel enthusiast who had previously done work as a swim coach. He liked ‘competitive nature in all its forms,’ according to associates, and set a Guinness World Record for walking for 24 hours straight in the Italian area of Abruzzo in 1993. Just after the incident, he was seen laying on his back while bleeding from his injury in the news channels and on social networking sites.

The occurrence was reported as the first in this part of the island that is heavily populated with resorts and diving facilities and is considered one of the island’s top swimming spots. The encounter was traced to a tiger shark, which is next only to the great white shark in terms of reported deadly events surrounding people, despite the fact that they are generally extremely rare. Tiger sharks are the 4th largest shark species of our world. Their jaws are so sharp and forceful that they may pierce a marine tortoise or clam’s shells. Mankind has slaughtered tiger sharks for its fins, bones, and oil for centuries. They are not, though, in risk of going extinct at this time.

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