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Disney + Prepares A ‘Scarlet Witch And Vision’ Spin-Off Focusing On Kathryn Hahn’s Witch

Scarlet Witch and Vision came toDisney +in January as the firstMarvel Studiosseriesfor the platform (and the return of the MCU after a year of pandemic drought) and swept everything.

The fiction starringElizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettanyfinally took risks and innovated in superhero fiction with a story about past mourning in the history of North American sitcoms.

In addition to finally giving Olsen all the screen minutes he deserves, the series brought us new characters from Marvel comics, like that Agnes / Agatha Harkness played by the splendid Kathryn Hahn, an almighty witch who managed to direct the comedy what Wanda had turned her life into.

In no time, Hahn was conquering the MCU with his ulterior motives and that Agatha All Along, the catchy song that is already a hit. Finally, as Variety has exclusively reported, the character will have his own series on Disney +. Hahn will once again get into Agatha’s shoes in this new bet, a black comedy according to sources close, and Jac Schaeffer (creator of Scarlet Witch and Vision) will sign as screenwriter and executive producer.

Although at the moment no more details about the plot have emerged, it should be remembered that we said goodbye to the character defeated by Wanda, who decided to lock her up in Westview. “I’ll give you the role you chose: the gossipy neighbor.”

“You don’t know what you’ve unleashed,” Agatha warned him: “You’re going to need me.” “If so, I know where to find you,” the protagonist replied, before turning her back into the harmless Agnes.

After the good reception that Agatha has had among the fans, the media have not stopped asking Hahn about her fate in the MCU. The actress, despite not revealing practically anything about her future at Marvel Studios, has assured that she wanted to continue playing her: “I want to. Now that I’ve tried it, I’ve been like ‘aah’. I love it, I really love it “.

The boss Kevin Feige, meanwhile, promised in the summer that Agatha would return “very soon” to the marvelita universe. Said and done. Now it only remains to wait patiently until the almighty witch returns to the platform of the House of the Mouse. And yes, we also hope that he will surprise us with some other musical theme.

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