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Solana Network Used For The Ecosystem Of White Elephant Finance

White Elephant Finance, a new perspective of gaming, followed a unique portal, gearing up for the upcoming generation. This consists of Phant NFT- which is a permissionless marketplace, Phant DEX/SWAP (Serum Graphical User Interface)- [where the users can swap, trade, add any liquidity to their new token, get the market id for new token], Phant Arcade, Phant Launchpad, and Phant Wallet. Here User can buy and sell NFTs without any permission at the marketplace, reported GlobeNewswire.

blockchain technology

blockchain technology

Three Games will launch.

Defi and Gamefi are their recent project. The only motive to prepare this is to create a platform to release the number of games for the Users to earn and play games without any cost. The game categories will be action-adventure, gambling, MOBA, puzzle, simulation, and sandbox. They plan to launch three games, the first one in January 2022 and the other two between February and March 2022.

According to finance.Yahoo the gamefi, DEX will be supported by the defi of the project. So the Users can swap and trade their tokens; the launchpad is for other gamefi and defi projects, which will be launched in the Solana network. For StoreFront, they have integrated Metaplex, but here the aim is to build their own NFT Marketplace, which does not require any permission and is trustless. This will be the channel for the NFT to use in their games.

Beneficial for others too 

They also provide facilities for the Artists, where Artists can create their list of items without going through them. They just need to connect their wallet and sell their piece of art.

This is a great platform that boosts up teams to join Solana Network. This is centralized, and all projects will undergo the process of evaluation. For the secure investment of the presale participants, KYC will be required with meaningful projects.

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