Meet Stardust Megu, a fan of anime, video games and comics, who showcases her love for the genres through cosplay. Her closet is filled with various costumes such as Tharja from “Fire Emblem Awakening,” Yoko Litner from “Gurren Lagann” and Junko Enoshima from the “Danganronpa” series.

Photographer: Go Go Cosplay & Photography
Yoko Litner
Go Go Cosplay and Photography
Junko Enoshima
Jerry Neeko Photography

For many, cosplay is a great way to channel negative energy and put it toward something positive, Stardust Megu is no different. She believes in using her skills to have fun and be as creative as possible. Her goal is to show that anyone can cosplay no matter what they look like. Her motto “Cosplay is Rated E for Everyone” is an inspiring quote that future cosplayers can follow and be motivated by.

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