Everyone has those “bleh” kind of days where nothing really seems to go your way. The kind of days where even just one bad thing can get you down for the rest of it. There are those days where you are sad and you just need a good distraction to brighten things up, even if it’s just a little bit! Here are just a few of my reasons how drawing help me though the day.

01 Drawing lets you better express how you feel in a visual form.

Emotional HotPot.jpg

Being able to draw out how I feel helps alleviate the heaviness that can build up inside my mind and heart. Being able to see how I feel in front of me lets me know that these feelings are only temporary.

02 Drawing can help you express gratitude to those who stand by you when you can’t find too many words to do so while your mood is down.


When I feel down and my friends do their best to cheer me up, sometimes I can find it hard to fully express my gratitude to them in words. When I draw stuff for my friends as thanks, it really helps me feel better because they know I’ll always try to be there for them when things happen, even if I can’t find the words to do so.

03 Drawing can give you the motivation and encouragement you need to get through your day.

lets try again

When I can’t seem to find the pick-me-up I need to get through a long day of classes or work, I like to draw things out to help give me the spark I need to keep going. Being able to draw or even just doodle helps me unwind the built-up tension I can get from getting stressed out from work or school. It gives me more energy to get all my work done without sacrificing the quality.

04 Drawing lets you have full control when you don’t usually have that option. You have no restraints holding you back!

Bubble Gum.png

There are times at my job or in certain college classes I take where I feel like I have to force a kind of personality that is not me. Fake. It stresses me out because I can’t always be myself in public situations without being heavily judged for it. Having no control over the self can be really nerve-racking. When I get home after a long day I try to express as much of myself as possible while drawing. It reminds me that being the way I am is okay and that I should never try to change!

Lil Kid3.png

Drawing is a great outlet to fully express your emotions and really get you through the day. You don’t have to be a professional illustrator to be able to draw what you want. Just be you and let your drawings express who you truly are despite what happens day to day!

Art by me!

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