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Ashley Palmer – kills 2 children before taking her own life by the Oregon mom

Ashley Palmer - kills 2 children before taking her own life by the Oregon mom

On Tuesday, Ashley Palmer was found dead, and she was only 31 years old. She was dead from the gunshot in her apartment in Gresham. Police said that they found their two children also dead. The children are one is 6 years old, and the other is 8 years old. Police are saying it was a murder-suicide. In the crime of killing two young children, the Oregon mother was in custody before shooting herself. She killed the children.

Know what is the full incident-

On Wednesday, the Gresham police said that all the 3 died, and they said after getting checked the apartment, they requested a welfare check. He said that Jenavie Palmer was separated for two years, and the couple is in the middle of a pretty bad relationship it was said her former partner, and he is said to The Oregonia. 

It is said by Jenavie Palmer that we both are in the middle of the trial, and both children were going back and forth at our house, and he was 34 years old. Nearby, the Portland Palmer was living, and he was fighting for the custody of both children, and her former spouse said it. The newspaper identified that the children one was 6 years old, Kayleana Beatrice Palmer, and the other children were 8 years old, and his name was Xavier Rayvaughn Danger Palmer.

Ashley Palmer - kills 2 children before taking her own life by the Oregon mom

Know what was reported by The Oregonian-

A few hours before, they found that Ashley Palmer’s body had sent a disturbing text to Jenavie. The message was also a link to youtube with the words written to the music playlist. The Oregonian reported it was a “mother children murder-suicide 2022. Jenavie Palmer said that he called 911, and then they also responded to the department, but the cops also could not get inside. Until the morning, they had to wait for said by the investigators, and then they checked the children.  

This month only, he was seen last to the children who would come back on Tuesday. The reporters said to Palmer that he will always miss his children. They had whole lives ahead. As per the information has two times previously claimed in the court. His children faced harm from her former spouse, and the court was granted partial custody.

The judge in July granted an immediate danger order, but they dismissed it upon determining that Kayleana and Xavier were not the danger. In February, the judge immediately dismissed the second immediate danger order request. In April, she shared custody of her kids.

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