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Ashley Turcotte Missing Update: What Happened to Ashley Turcotte?

Ashley Turcotte Missing

Ashley Turcotte Missing – Recently, there is a sad news for the people of Barnstead, New Hampshire that 31 year old Ashley Turcotte went missing on Thursday, January 4, 2024. After her disappearance, her family is very worried and Ashley Turcotte’s family is appealing to the police to find their daughter safe and bring her home as soon as possible.

What Happened to Ashley Turcotte?

Ashley Turcotte is a resident of Barnstead, New Hampshire. Her age is 31 years. According to reports, it is being told that Ashley Turcotte is missing from her home on Thursday, January 4, 2024. She was last seen near her house around morning, after that there is no trace of her whereabouts. After her disappearance, Ashley Turcotte’s family and friends became worried and immediately filed a missing person report with the police. According to police reports, upon investigation of this case, Ashley Turcotte’s personal belongings, backpack and phone were found in the Town Hall area. Till now no trace of Ashley Turcotte has been found. Police are asking for help from the local public and asked that anyone with any information related to Ashley Turcotte contact the Barnsted Police Department at 603-269-8100.

Barnstead Police Department said through a post on Facebook that “This is a picture of Ashley Turcotte who is missing from Barnstead. Ashley is an artist who always paints pumpkins for all of our town departments. Also, at the time of this photo she had painted an amazing picture of Sgt. Connell’s police K9’s. If you know Ashley’s whereabouts please contact the Barnstead police at (603)269-8100.”

Ashley Turcotte Physical Appearance

Ashley Turcotte height is 5 Feet 5 Inches. Her hair color is Brown. Her Eyes color is Brown. She was last seen wearing black tennis shoes and black pants and a dark shirt.

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