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Asia Amjad died, Cause of Death, Obituary, Passed Away

Asia Amjad died, Cause of Death, Obituary, Passed Away
Asia Amjad died, Cause of Death, Obituary, Passed Away

Sad news came across that PTI MPA Asia Amjad has recently passed away. She was reportedly in the hospital after being seriously injured at a gathering in Punjab by PMLN members. Amjad struggled with the pain of her wound, but she could no longer hold her breath and left. 

Reports claimed she had been in a coma since Wednesday, when she was injured during the PA (Punjab Assembly) riots when the prime ministerial election was held on 16 April 2022. But recently it was learned that she is no more. It is regret to announce her death. Now this news is trending on all social media platforms and is covered by every media outlet.

What happened to Asia Amjad?

According to reports, Amjad was taken to a hospital located in Lahore due to her deteriorating health condition. Moreover, she was later admitted to the intensive care unit. Now people are paying tribute to her on social media. Similarly, Qasim Suri, who is the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, directly blamed the Punjab Police and PML-N for Amjad’s death. He said: “PA members Asia Amjad have been tortured by police in the Punjabi assembly and ‘Bikari’ thugs.”

Asia Amjad Wiki

Asia Amjad’s Cause of death, Passed Away, Age

According to her official medical report, Asia died due to blood clotting in her brain. The medical team claimed that blood clotting in her brain led to her death. Meanwhile, Hasan Khawar, a former Punjab government spokesman, tweeted that she was taken to hospital for inciting police violence during a PA deputy speaker’s rally.

Hassan Khawar also said, “We hope that the judiciary and institutions will focus on this incident, take note of this incident and bring justice to her family.” The late Asia Amjad was reportedly a diabetic patient with high blood pressure who was taken to the hospital when her blood sugar spiked after the abuse. The relevant authority is currently investigating this issue and has not yet submitted any report on the development of this case.

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