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Attack In Paris Leaves Three People Dead And Numerous Others injured

Image credit- BBC NEWS

Three individuals were killed and three others were injured when a shooter opened fire in the heart of Paris. The shooter opened fire on residents of the neighbourhood while he was aiming for a Kurdish cultural centre. Investigating potential racial motivations.

What Happened In Paris?

A 69-year-old suspect was detained right away, and it immediately became clear that he had recently been released from prison. Police and a group that had assembled at the spot following the attack got into a fight afterwards.

Tear gas was used by riot police in response to footage showing people setting fires in the middle of the street and smashing car windows. Unrest erupted after a tall, white, elderly man in the 10th arrondissement of Paris shot and killed two men and a lady on Rue d’Enghien.

How Many People Were Injured?

One of the three injured individuals was reportedly in critical condition, and the other two were being treated for grave injuries. Although the shooting’s cause has not been established, Paris Prosecutor Laure Beccuau stated the man had previously been accused of engaging in racial violence.

About The Suspect


Image credit- BBC NEWS

He used a sword to strike tents at a Parisian migrant camp in that incident, which happened on December 8th in Bercy. He had only lately been released, although it was unclear why.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who earlier travelled to the scene, said there was currently no known link between the suspect and “ultra-right” groups.

There is currently no information linking the suspect to “ultra-right” organisations, according to French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who earlier travelled to the scene.

The Kurdish community centre, a restaurant, and a hair salon were all targeted in the shooting, according to local mayor Alexandra Cordebard. The shooter was also injured, she added.

Many Witness To Confirm The Incident

As Ali Dalek and I were crossing the street, we heard gunfire, the witness. When we turned around, we noticed people fleeing in both directions. Then, five or six minutes later, we walked inside the hair shop since we know individuals who work there and discovered that a man had been taken into custody.

She had locked herself in, a second witness, a shopkeeper, informed AFP. She reported hearing seven or eight gunshots.

Police reportedly found the attack weapon after successfully apprehending the suspect without any opposition. Authorities declared that they had started a murder inquiry.

The attack was denounced in a brief statement by the Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDF-K), which oversees the attacked Ahmet-Kaya Kurdish centre.


1. How many were dead?

A. 3 people

2. What is the age of the suspect?

A. 69 years old

3. Which place is targeted by the suspect?

A. Kurdish cultural centre

4. Suspect name ?

A. Not yet revealed

5. Where did the shooting took place?

A. In Paris

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