5 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix This December

Baby, it’s cold outside. While snowy weather and holiday cheer are plenty of fun, sometimes your inner Grinch just needs a break. Make some hot chocolate and break out the fuzzy socks. Here are five K-Dramas that you can enjoy from the warmth and comfort of your own couch! 01 Man x Man Starring Park Hae-jin, Kim Min-jung and Park Sung-woong, “Man x Man” is … Continue reading 5 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix This December

BTS – “Spine Breaker” M/V Review

BTS just can’t chill in their music video “Spine Breaker.” Be prepared to dance until your back aches. The official video, which takes place entirely in a hotel, is delightful, goofy and fun. It opens by listing Rap Monster as the director, J-Hope as assistant director, Jung Kook as the cameraman and Jimin as the luggage guy. V has the title and task of “mental carer,” … Continue reading BTS – “Spine Breaker” M/V Review

A Fan’s Guide to Road Trips: Nine Tips to Keep You Safe and Sane

Do you have a family vacation coming up? Perhaps a concert to attend? Maybe you just want to get out and hit the road. Here are nine tips to help you get through your next road trip. Plan ahead: While spontaneous trips can be fun and exciting, planning ahead far in advance may allow you to iron out potential bumps in your plans before they … Continue reading A Fan’s Guide to Road Trips: Nine Tips to Keep You Safe and Sane

HELLOVENUS – “Mysterious” M/V Review

Hold your secrets close, everyone. HELLOVENUS is on the case. In a visually delightful video, the ladies of HELLOVENUS are on track to solve mysteries and stir up secrets with the company of Seo Kang-jun and Cha Eun-woo. The video begins with a catchy tune and cheerful whistling that only add to the bright and colorful scenes. Aesthetically, “Mysterious” is by far one of my … Continue reading HELLOVENUS – “Mysterious” M/V Review

The Official “Avengers: Infinity War” Trailer is Finally Here [Spoilers]

It was worth the wait. Please, take a moment to gather your composure. This is going to be a long one. If you’re anything like Marvel fans across the globe, you’re no doubt losing your geeky mind over what may be the most incredible-looking Marvel trailer to date. Ten years ago, we got our first taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the introduction … Continue reading The Official “Avengers: Infinity War” Trailer is Finally Here [Spoilers]

6 Reasons to Watch ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 2 – SPOILERS)

She’s baaaaaack. Netflix original “Stranger Things” unleashed a spooky second season just in time for Halloween. If ’80s throwbacks and a mountain of nerdy Easter eggs aren’t enough for you, here are eight more reasons to put “Stranger Things” on your Christmas binge list. 01 Eleven Returns If you made it through the bittersweet ending of the first season, you already know that Eleven (Millie … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Watch ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 2 – SPOILERS)

YG Releases (pricey) BIGBANG Action Figures [Opinion]

Move over, Ken. Earlier this year, YG Entertainment released the first ever life-like BIGBANG action figures. For around $315 a piece, you can own your own pint-sized version of one of the biggest groups in Korean entertainment. The action figures are already being bought and sold for as much as $439 on Ebay and it isn’t hard to see why. 2017 has been an interesting … Continue reading YG Releases (pricey) BIGBANG Action Figures [Opinion]

Radiant Office: First Impression

In “Radiant Office,” a young woman totters on the tangled tightrope of adulthood. One false step might lead her to land in the most unexpected of places. WARNING! This article contains SPOILERS and discusses the topic of suicide and depression. Right from the get-go, this drama had my attention. In the opening scene, a chicken helmet-clad Eun Ho-won, played by Go Ah-Sung, crashes a delivery truck … Continue reading Radiant Office: First Impression

6 Reasons to Watch “Stranger Things” (Season 1 – SPOILERS)

01 The Plot If you think you’re going to be in for a fun childhood romp, think again.  It does not take long for “Stranger Things” to do away with any sense of security. The very first episode opens with young Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) vanishing one night without a trace. Will finds himself trapped in a dark, terrifying parallel universe (later dubbed the “Upside Down), … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Watch “Stranger Things” (Season 1 – SPOILERS)

“Ready Player One” is Pure Imagination Come to Life

Earlier this year, San Diego Comic Com left us with our collective nerd jaws on the floor. The torrent of movies, games, television shows and comics unleashed at the world famous event gave fans more than enough to look forward to in the coming year. One such gem was the incredible trailer for “Ready Player One,” the film adaption of Ernest Cline‘s 2011 sci-fi novel. Cline’s … Continue reading “Ready Player One” is Pure Imagination Come to Life