Amber Strips Down to Her Most Honest With ‘Rogue Rouge’

On April 15, 2018, three years after her intrepid foray into solo music, Amber Liu released a new body of work. “Rogue Rouge” is a bit of a self-revelation, an honest look at a young woman’s journey to self-acceptance and her pervasive need to be herself to the absolute fullest. “Rogue Rouge” offers more musically than her solo debut. While 2015’s “Beautiful” was decent enough … Continue reading Amber Strips Down to Her Most Honest With ‘Rogue Rouge’


Journey To: Rihanna — ‘Anti’

If you’ll remember, it didn’t take much for me to appreciate Rihanna‘s first single. “Pon de Replay” is the type of song that any debut artist would wet themselves for. It’s the quintessential party song, around the time that dancehall was having a resurgence of popularity Stateside, the track also had enough pop to it for a universal appeal that grabbed a broader audience than … Continue reading Journey To: Rihanna — ‘Anti’

#TBT: Seotaiji — ‘Tik Tak’

The undisputed Godfather of Contemporary K-pop. Seotaiji has been making music for well over two decades. Since becoming the founder of group Seotaiji and Boys (with Papa YG and Lee Juno), he’s been reinventing his sound and the way music is made in South Korea. His scope is just astonishing, going as far as making his own symphony orchestra to formally introduce his eighth studio … Continue reading #TBT: Seotaiji — ‘Tik Tak’

#TBT: Hykoh — ‘Mer’

Though not one of their singles, this is undoubtedly my favorite from the band. Hyukoh touched spots in me emotionally I wasn’t really prepared for. Up until that point I’d fallen in love with my share of Korean artists, committed a select few of them to my heart as royalty (case in point Queen T). However, there was something completely unnerving about the vocal and … Continue reading #TBT: Hykoh — ‘Mer’


Journey To: Rihanna — Day 1

Okay. I have to preface this by imploring any readers not to come for my throat. There are a few artists out there who I’ve never quite gelled with, those singers and entertainers that have gained a “legendary” status among the general public but for whom I’ve never understood the hype. In this series (of undecided length), I attempt to unpack not only my disinterest … Continue reading Journey To: Rihanna — Day 1

#TBT: DEAN (feat. Eric Bellinger) — ‘I’m Not Sorry’

Subtitle: When your song’s the f*boi anthem, but it still knocks. Forgive my crudeness, but that’s exactly how I felt the first time I heard this song. Far be it from me to try to tell someone of Dean’s caliber how to live his life (or how to write his songs), but even the most die-hard Rebels have to admit there’s a certain amount of … Continue reading #TBT: DEAN (feat. Eric Bellinger) — ‘I’m Not Sorry’

#TBT: Yoon Mirae — ‘Black Happiness’

After the absolute scalping the collective Korean music loving world took on April 21, 2018, I was feeling a bit nostalgic. It goes without saying that Yoon Mirae has made a lasting impression on everyone who’s ever heard her music. Obviously, she’s a paragon of artistry and fearlessness that has garnered her the greatest regard and respect among her peers and juniors. As for my own … Continue reading #TBT: Yoon Mirae — ‘Black Happiness’

Dumbfoundead Brings His Yikes! Tour to the House of Blues in Houston, TX

Quick observation about a Dumbfoundead show: it’s all about the build-up. After the prerequisite security checks, the audience is ushered into the venue, the Bronze Peacock Room of the legendary House of Blues. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., an hour before the show actually begins. Already people are anxious for the concert to start: some opting to suppress their excitement with a little liquid relaxation, … Continue reading Dumbfoundead Brings His Yikes! Tour to the House of Blues in Houston, TX

When Being a Black Fan Girl Hurts: Antiblackness [OPINION]

“Ran into this girl. I said I’m tired of explaining. Man, this shit is draining. But I’m not really allowed to be mad.” — “Mad,” Solange I’m just going to come out and say it: Being a black fan of Korean pop music hurts. A lot. Often. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being involved (in a very small way) in the Korean music … Continue reading When Being a Black Fan Girl Hurts: Antiblackness [OPINION]

DEAN Goes Mad in the Virtual Limbo of ‘Instagram’

On Jan. 29, 2018, “Different R&B” artist DEAN released the music video for “Instagram.” The official audio for the track was released at the end of December, with a 34-second trailer as the only visual accompaniment. Never one to do anything halfway, Dean had a hand in directing the video, along with director flipEvil and long-time collaborator 96wave. So it’s no surprise to anyone that … Continue reading DEAN Goes Mad in the Virtual Limbo of ‘Instagram’