[INTERVIEW] Your Sweet Guys

Hallyu vloggers and entertainers alike are all over YouTube, but most aren’t your typical JREKML or KeNNyBoySLaY. If you dig deeper into the K-pop community, you can even find some that are just like you. That was the case for me when first watching Your Sweet Guys. This YouTube channel is run by cousins Ilanna and Peggy. Together, they make up the channel Your Sweet Guys. Their videos … Continue reading [INTERVIEW] Your Sweet Guys

Let BamBam Be BamBam. [Opinion]

As the TURBULENCE United States fan meets kicked off, many fans (I GOT7s) of JYP Entertainment boy band GOT7 have been pleading with BamBam to stop doing the whip and nae nae and dabbin again. Unfortunately, the attention is making him self-conscious about what he does while he is on stage. Why can’t this child be himself on stage and do what he enjoys doing? Aside from his fans, his greatest excitement comes from always being on top of new trends! Now yes, I realize that his moves are soooo 2016, but if he wants to continue to do it, leave him be. He just wants to have fun, and this is his way of having fun. I’m not known as a writer, so I hope that I can express my thoughts clearer for you in my video below. Continue reading Let BamBam Be BamBam. [Opinion]