Fans Bid Farewell To Fairy Tail

On July 26, fans said goodbye to the popular manga series “Fairy Tail” by manga artist Hiro Mashima. Eleven years ago, readers embarked on a journey with Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel and Celestial Mage Lucy Heartfilia as they fought their way through countless other mages and demons — and it wouldn’t be a fantasy series without a dragon or two! With their friends Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet … Continue reading Fans Bid Farewell To Fairy Tail

Visual Kei Band SuG To Take Indefinite Hiatus

In July it was announced that Japanese visual kei rock group SuG will be going on an indefinite hiatus. The shocking announcement was posted on their official website and as a result caused high traffic and eventually led to the site crashing. It is unknown as to why the hiatus is happening, but the group posted their deepest apology through the website and Facebook. The group’s … Continue reading Visual Kei Band SuG To Take Indefinite Hiatus

Man Arrested at Keyakizaka46 Event

At an event to celebrate the group’s CD release, Keyakizaka46 and fans alike got quite a scare on June 24th when a flare was set off in one of the handshake areas. This resulted in the police and fire department stepping in. The Police reported, that a young man in his early twenties was apprehended after being caught with a knife. The young man admitted … Continue reading Man Arrested at Keyakizaka46 Event

Artists To Look Out For: BANANALEMON

A new girl group is taking the Japanese music scene by storm. Meet BANANALEMON, a fierce new group ready to take on the world. Let’s meet the four members! Saarah, lead vocalist Nadia, main vocalist R!no, dancer Mizuki, dancer While not much is known about the group, videos have been posted all throughout YouTube of their live performances. This gives spectators an opportunity to get a … Continue reading Artists To Look Out For: BANANALEMON

FAKY Is Staying Wild and Free With Their New Song ‘Someday We’ll Know’

FAKY returns with their latest track “Someday We’ll Know.” The group brings back their EDM style which has a softer sound with heartfelt lyrics to back it up. The song focuses on dealing with pain and love. While people don’t figure out how to deal with these emotions, just know that you’ll have it figured out someday so, stay wild and free! We watch the … Continue reading FAKY Is Staying Wild and Free With Their New Song ‘Someday We’ll Know’

‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ Movie Announcement

In 2016, “Yuri!!! On Ice” became one of the most popular anime of the year. Viewers followed Yuuri Katsuki, a young man who makes a comeback into the world of figure skating after a yearlong hiatus. With the help of his new coach and idol Viktor Nikiforov, Yuuri fights his insecurities and tries find himself in a sport consisting of athleticism and artistry. The anime’s … Continue reading ‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ Movie Announcement

“Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” to be shown in International Theaters

Natsu Dragneel and his friends are back for a new full-length film titled “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.” For those not familiar with the series, the story of “Fairy Tail” starts off with a young wizard by the name of Lucy Heartfilia who embarks on a journey to join the country’s most famous guild, “Fairy Tail”. Along the way she befriends the impulsive yet loyal fire-eating … Continue reading “Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry” to be shown in International Theaters

Games To Play: Mystic Messenger

In 2016, mobile gamers were introduced to the visual novel Mystic Messenger. Created by the Korean company Cheritz, Mystic Messenger allows you to play as a young woman who unknowingly stumbles upon a chatroom and you are pulled into a world of party planning, deeply rooted characters, and complex storytelling. Take a look at the list of characters you will interact with! Jumin Han is … Continue reading Games To Play: Mystic Messenger

ONE OK ROCK to Tour With Linkin Park

Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK will be joining Linkin Park and Machine Gun Kelly on Linkin Park’s “One More Light World Tour.” It was planned for the band to only be a part of Linkin Park’s Japan venture in early November, but through ONE OK ROCK’s Facebook, it was announced that they will also be touring with the band in the U.S. this summer. A … Continue reading ONE OK ROCK to Tour With Linkin Park

Ayaka Returns With ‘Kotonoha’

  Japanese songstress Ayaka will be releasing her first single in three years titled “Kotonoha.” Her 2014 hit “Nijiiro” being her last single. For those who are unfamiliar with her work, but have played “Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core” will remember Ayaka’s gut-wrenching song “Why” being played during the heartbreaking ending of the game. “Kotonoha” is currently being used for NHK’s drama “Tsubaki Bunguten.” “Tsubaki … Continue reading Ayaka Returns With ‘Kotonoha’