East Meets West: 12 Dream Collaborations

With the recent release of “Cave Me In,” the hit collaboration single between American soul singer Gallant, South Korean crooner Eric Nam, and South Korean legendary lyricist extraordinaire TABLO, the idea of musical collaborations between East and West is not as far-fetched as previously thought. Inspired by this amazing development, here are 12 collaborations that are on every music lovers bucket list. Rain & Beyoncé … Continue reading East Meets West: 12 Dream Collaborations

Style Evolution: BTS Pt. 1

Ever since their debut in 2013, the members of BTS have had a distinct and unique style. As their experience increased, they began taking more avant-garde fashion choices while still staying true to their core aesthetic. As BTS enters their fourth year, let us look back at their debut and comeback style choices as a group. Debut & 2 Cool 4 Skool BTS’ debut album … Continue reading Style Evolution: BTS Pt. 1

Artist Review: BTS – Part 1

Looking back at the past year in the world of Korean music, it would be safe to dub 2016 as the Year of Bangtan. This will be the first of many artist reviews in honor of their accomplishments, and each one will take into consideration details like sound progression, concept execution and standout moments for each comeback. Due to the length of their discography, the following … Continue reading Artist Review: BTS – Part 1

SHINHWA ‘Touch’ Review

On January 5th, 2017, CJ E&M Music posted the long-awaited comeback music video for veteran group SHINHWA. The single from the group’s 13th album, “Unchanging”, called “Touch”, is not your typical breakup and regret song, even though regret is one of the major emotions that can be felt in this song and video. The video can be broken up into seven major parts, one for each … Continue reading SHINHWA ‘Touch’ Review