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Barbara Walters: Pioneering U.S. Television Journalist Died At The Age Of 93

Barbara Walters
Image credit- Reuters

Barbara Walters shows up for the “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” movie premiere in New York.

Who Is Barbara Walters?

As the first female anchor of an American network evening news broadcast and one of TV’s most renowned interviewers, Barbara Walters was one of the most well-known women on American television. She passed away on Friday at the age of 93.

Barbara Walters Cause Of Death

Walters, who founded the well-liked ABC women’s discussion show “The View” in 1997, passed away at her New York residence, according to a statement from Robert Iger, CEO of ABC’s corporate parent, The Walt Disney Co. (DIS.N). Her death’s circumstances weren’t disclosed.

Iger wrote, “Barbara was a true legend, a pioneer for women in journalism as well as journalism itself.”

Early Life

Boston is where Walters was born. Her father, Lou Walters, worked in the entertainment industry as a nightclub owner and booking agent. He is credited with discovering performers like actor Jack Haley, who would later play the Tin Man in the timeless “The Wizard of Oz” film, and comedian Fred Allen.

Barbara Walters’s Career

Barbara Walters

Image credit- Reuters

She worked in public relations following her graduation from Sarah Lawrence College before beginning her career as a writer and segment producer on NBC’s “Today” show in 1961. She started appearing on the show regularly and was given feature pieces, such as one about her brief experience as a Playboy bunny.

At that point, she started running into opposition. She annoyed “Today” show presenter Frank McGee, who attempted to minimise her appearance.

After 13 years on “Today,” Walters received the unusual compensation of $1 million per year, which allowed her to leave the network and join ABC in 1976, becoming the first female co-anchor of a U.S. primetime newscast. Even when they were on the air, Harry Reasoner, her unwilling companion, made it clear how he felt about Walters.

Barbara Walters Relationships

With businessman Robert Katz, theatrical producer Lee Guber, and television executive Merv Adelson, Walters’ three marriages all ended in divorce. She also dated famous men like John Warner, who would eventually represent Virginia in the Senate, and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.

When her memoirs, “Audition: A Memoir,” disclosed an affair with then-married Massachusetts senator Edward Brooke, the first black senator since post-Civil War Reconstruction, it made news in 2008.

Barbara Walters Health Issues

Following her heart surgery in 2010, Walters and other well-known heart surgery patients like actor Robin Williams, former president Bill Clinton, and others shared their illnesses in an ABC broadcast.


1. Who was Barbara Walters?

A. She was a most prominent TV personality and Journalist

2. What was Barbara Walters Nationality?


3. How old was Barbara Walters?

A. 93 years old

4. What happened to Barbara Walters?

A. She died, cause of demise not reveled yet

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