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Beth Matthews Die: A Blogger Died At The Age Of 26, After Ordering Poisonous Substance Online 

Beth Matthews
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After ingesting a toxic chemical in March 2022, 26-year-old Beth Matthews passed away. Matthews said it was protein powder while a patient at a secure psychiatric institution in Stockport.

Matthews, a well-known mental health blogger who was originally from Cornwall, shared her story with thousands of followers in an effort to spread awareness and provide support.

Chartered By Standard

She was receiving treatment for personality disorder on a locked unit at the Priory, Cheadle Royal, according to testimony given at the inquest into her death. Paramedics were contacted on March 21 in response to concerns that Ms. Matthews had overdosed, the inquest was informed.

Ms. Matthews “ingested a material that came in the mail, rather soon felt ill, and was rushed hurriedly to hospital where she regrettably died,” Assistant Coroner Andrew Bridgman told the court.

Beth Matthews

Image credit- deadline

When she arrived to the ward, the staff informed her that Ms. Matthews had “had a parcel brought to the unit, which she opened in front of them and managed to swallow,” according to Paramedic Kate Barnes, who also testified at the inquest. Barnes was informed that if they were being watched by professionals, patients could open their own packages.

Evidence Provided To The Court

According to information provided to the court, the item Matthews had received had “a small plastic, screw top container,” and Ms. Matthews had reportedly told employees that the gift contained “protein powder” before ingesting “an unknown amount” of the chemical within. The item had reportedly “been purchased on the internet,” and the container had “foreign lettering on it.”

A statement from Ms. Matthews’ mother, Jane, was read in court and described her daughter as having “an great character,” being “bright and vivacious,” and “lit up the lives” of everyone she encountered.

The jury was informed that Ms. Matthews experienced life-altering injuries in 2019 during a suicide attempt. With her mother’s declaration that her daughter had been able to assist individuals who had reached out to her and impacted so many lives, Ms. Matthews gained notoriety and reached thousands of people.


1. Who was Beth Matthews ?

A. She was a blogger

2. What was her Nationality?


3. How old was Beth Matthews?

A. 26 years old

4. What happened to Beth Matthews?

A. She died after consuming poisonous substance

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