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Blac Chyna defamation case, Kardashians displeased with Kim’s leaked tape.

Blac Chyna defamation case, Kardashians displeased with Kim's leaked tape.
Blac Chyna defamation case, Kardashians displeased with Kim's leaked tape.

For a reality TV show with her former boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, there is 33 years old who claimed that the Kardashians sabotaged her plans. In November 2016, Dream separated these pair have their five-year-old daughter. In the lawsuit, Chyna is suing the Kardashian family for $100 million; in 2017, which was first filed, alleging defamation and interference with contracts.

Know what was jury selection process-

During the jury selection process on Monday, Near the Kardashian family, Hunter was sat, and then that evening posted an Instagram Live mocking their appearances. The Kardashian’s attorney, Michael Rhodes, asked for Hunter to be banned from court, and Judge Gregory W. Alarcon, presiding over the case in Los Angeles Superior Court, agreed. And then, on Tuesday morning, TMZ reported that Recorded another Instagram Live Hunter then appeared outside the courtroom and, this time, hurled threats at the judge. Hunter reportedly declared I was going to get that judge. 

On Monday, Kardashians posted in a prior video attacking. As she said, the family ‘looked dead,’ then the Hunter appeared to be rolling what looked like a joint, and Kris Jenner compared to a character from the horror movie Saw. 

The eight men and eight women on the jury heard opening statements on Tuesday, a day after jury selection. We saw many prospective jurors air their disdain for the Kardashians and the world of reality television. 

Couples reality show canceled-

The court he could not be impartial, one prospective juror told, because Kim Kardashians he had seen sex tape. On Tuesday, Ciani argued that Kris Jenner falsely accused Chyna of physically abusing Rob Kardashian, the couple’s reality show ‘Rob & Chyna’, to be canceled in a bid to force.

The Kardashians Rhodes are representing and began his opening statement by introducing his clients and having them stand, saying that Kris Jenner ‘manages the vast empire that this family has built from scratch.” one of the world’s most famous people called Kim Kardashian.

In the wild year of 2016, Ciani gave an account of the couple’s whirlwind relationship. In January, they met, and in April, they announced their engagement, may they announced they were having a baby, and their reality show began in November, and Dream they have a daughter. On Wednesday, She returns to the witness chair. In 2017 she sued the Kardashian family for $100 million, first filed in the alleging and lawsuit defamation and interference with contracts.

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