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Black Clover Manga Spoilers, Release Date, Plot Cast, Reviews

Black Clover Manga Spoilers, Release Date, Plot Cast, Reviews
Black Clover Manga Spoilers, Release Date, Plot Cast, Reviews

After the battle of spade kingdom, we see the magic knights reuniting with each other. Julie’s actual reality is being hinted at in chapter 331.

Black Clover Manga Spoilers

This chapter opens with Ciel Grinberryall, Ciel, and Yuno reuniting. Yuno is tried to convince the folks at the spade kingdom to take over the land, Asta is now shown to be happy for Yuna, and it is revealed that Yuno has found the truth about Licita . he is pleased to know that she loved him. Yuno and Asta have a heart-to-heart dialogue, and then Yuno confirms that he will not be staying in the Spade kingdom.

While the spade clock was not ticking at all in the whole battle time, and even after the defeat of Lucifero, it started to tick again.

Where to Watch Black Clover Manga?

The scene then shifts to the clover kingdom, and we see Damanatio looking worried. He does not look delighted with the recent victory. While Marx tells Julius all that happened in the Spade kingdom, Julius thinks that all of this does not seem to add up. Later, Julius is seen talking to Damanatio, and Damanatio presents his research on devils over the years. He says that he had found evidence that the supreme devil Megicula was a replacement of a devil and not a part of the Qliphoth tree.

Damnation then goes on to reveal how three devils rule the underworld – lucifer of gravity magic, Beelzebub of spatial magic, and time devil Astaroth, but Astaroth disappeared from the underworld 20 years back, and that is when Mwgicula was the replacement  Meanwhile, Damanatio starts to sense something is wrong . he wonders how there is only one person in the world who can use time magic

He then finds out that Julius was the one hosting Astaroth.

Black Clover Manga Ending Explained

At the end of the chapter coverless grimoire is revealed by Julius, which turns into a normal one. We see his grimoire emblem for the first time. Adarelech appears and says that everything happened according to their plan. Black cover chapter 331 is releasing this Sunday. 

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