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Block Island passengers were hurt in a gunfight that took place onboard

Block Island passengers were hurt in a gunfight that took place onboard

Many of the passengers are injured after being hurt in blade war. there is a possibility the suspect had a gun. none of the passengers are dead hopefully.

In a silly fight that turned bloody, the suspects started fighting with Razors onboard and many passengers were hurt while the suspects were enjoying the movie-style fight.

Rhode Island state police have arrived at the scene. they are carrying k9s and taking a good look on the ferry.

 all the passengers are taken out of the vessel and are not in danger anymore.

Police have arrived at Block Island ferry to investigate further:

numerous emergency automobiles arrived at the scene. there are videos available online of the same.

many important members who take care of the lives of the sea passengers were seen. Coast Guard, Narragansett Police, and fire crews were also present onboard.

The victims are not heavily injured:

The gravity of the injuries is not revealed yet. the medical staff is looking at the injured patients. soon they will all be treated and sent home. there is a possibility that the life of the passengers is safe.

The Ferry arrived out of Point Judith Terminal at 11:30 but a heavy police presence is still seen on the ferry.

The Reggae Fest at Ballard’s Beach Resort was about to take place today but the current incident suggests that it is not related to the ferry incident.

Block Island passengers were hurt in a gunfight that took place onboard

“The iconic Block Island waterfront resort and the premier beach party destination is proud to host the 2022 Block Island Reggae Fest,” read 

“You don’t need to head to the Caribbean to experience some island vibes. Come sway to the music of great reggae bands right on the beach.”

our reporters are looking to gather more information about the news and soon we will update you on the same.

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